Life, words, pictures

What a meaningful message!! Life is like a poem, a story with different protagonists, a setting, a plot and a theme. You are always a character there, sometimes, the main character, sometimes, not, but you are always there. There is no way back. Past and present are always intertwined. Think about all the people you’ve met, all the friends you have, your family, the settings in which you have experienced life, happiness, sadness, fun, love, adventure, fear, excitement… What a journey! What would be the picture you drew today? And tomorrow? My picture today would have a beautiful sun, the sea and a green park full of apple and cherry blossoms. There would also be Jacaranda trees all over the place. I would be enjoying the sun rays with a bunch of friends. There would be food. Yes, delicious homemade food and some wine. Then I would add a good book to another picture in which I am alone with words, with another story full of pages that make me start dreaming about another world of fiction. Yes, that would be the picture that I’d draw today! And yours?

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3 Responses to Life, words, pictures

  1. Santiago Miguel Casimiro Galván says:

    I would to travel today to Canterville¡ The very first time I visited London, I was obsessed about visiting Canterville. I saw a film about that beautifull and I also read a book about the exciting story about the ghost of Canterville when I was a child. I truly believed that Canterville was a real place, real English little town where there are a profusion of coloured flowers and gentle people. When I talked to English people about that place in my first journey into England, nobody knew about it¡
    I tought people where mad. I thought it was a horrible joke. How nobody could know about that magical place where I have lived the most exciting experiences in my dreams when I was a child?
    I didn’t care about it. I went to Canterville. It was a very hard journey but I finally found the magical castle where lives the ghost of the story.

    Now, I’m in a rural hotel, in a little town of Madrid, spending my Easter hollydays. Do you know what I am going to do? I’m going to Canterville tonight before I go to sleep. I’m going to fly very far away to England through the pages of a wonderfull book called The Canterville Ghost written by Oscar Wilde. It is a wonderfull fairy tale that I would recomend to everybody.
    Nice journey to me. aol.

    • sorayags says:

      Thank you for the outstanding beautiful description of this journey to Canterville, this journey to Oscar Wilde’s words. I wonder now what your morning would bring after such a magical night. Happy Easter!

  2. Santiago Miguel Casimiro Galván says:

    Ps: I forgot to say that Canterville really exits¡ KEEP ON LOOKING FOR¡

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