What If…

What if I told you some stories you’ve never heard before?

What if you read the following lines?Image

What if elephants could fly?

What if Michael Jackson was alive?

What if dinosaurs didn’t die?

What if my friend from South America came to visit me?

What if I visited China this year?

or Africa?

What if young people found their place in the world?

What if old people felt young and strong as ever?

What if everyone spoke at least 5 languages?

What if food was free to everyone?

What if the world became more human,


What if we could all do what we liked?

What if we could all share the goods?


What if we could all have clean water?

What if we all had the rights to say YES/NO?

What if we were equally born?

What if I just wanted to say “Hello”?

What if you said something else?

or write?

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