Learning implies surviving under threats

“Build a school in the cloud” has recently been published in February 2013 by TED. It is totally worth watching and enjoying this speech by professor Sugata Mitra. It’s about the democratisation of learning by means of computers. It is about challenging children who have no access to education, to learning. One of the examples provided demonstrated that children, who didn’t speak English, were given content and a computer and they managed to get access to knowledge even in a foreign language. When the right tools are given, learning should happen. Professor Sugata Mitra mentions that threats have always been necessary for human beings. If a threat or a challenge is provided, the child finds the way to a solution. Let’s not forget that it is that active role that makes learning happens.

Fantastically delivered, this is a speech you may want to follow on the following link: “Build a school in the cloud”, by Mitra Sugata. TED

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