Discussion 1: The story of communication: Basic values vs. High-tech values

Dear all,

We live in a world of constant change and advances. Modern societies seem to be quite dependent on high-tech. Do you think that today’s technological devices support human communication? Could you mention some examples of good values some modern societies have lost or have improved nowadays because of technology? Share your views and stories here (40-50 words limit each contribution, please). Enjoy the discussion!

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85 Responses to Discussion 1: The story of communication: Basic values vs. High-tech values

  1. Kate says:

    Hello everybody!
    Well, about your questions I think that today’s technological devices are so usefuls because you can talk with you want in a lot of places, like Facebook, Whatsaap, Skype,etc. Also, if you have a family in other country and if you don’t want to talk with a telephone because it is so expensive, the today’s technological devices are a good way to begin a conversation.
    On the other hand, it is truth that those devices destroy a lot of relations with other people, but I think that they allow to talk with more frequently. In muy opinion those devices are so important to actual society!

    • DBL says:

      Hello dear friends !
      I’m realizing that you had talk about all points of view, but i try to say something…
      In my opinión modern society with it advances in technology and in others fields, improve our comunnication in large distances only. This is a good thing when for example, people have to leave their country, and the only way to talk with ther family is by internet.
      But when we talk about short distances, the new technologies are a hándicap for comunnication. People become accustomed to be in contact by writting and begin to lose social habilities.

  2. Anillo says:

    I think that today´s technology help to communicate because with this is possible that two people in two different places of the world can talk, view your photos, do videoconference, and know every information. However the humans have lost values and the true body language because this technology will never be the same as talking face to face.

  3. uruk says:

    hello !!!
    I’m think technology is very important today. The positive part about it is that you can communicate with others very quickly , cheaper , free or if you are in other part of the world (for example, whats app). But in my opinion , hight technology destroyed the comunication face to face because anyone try to visit you as before , probably you don´t understand the information …

  4. Nathan says:

    In my opinion, technology is very importante because it helps us to improve our lifes. Moreover, we can buy many cheap things..
    On the other hand, I think that it makes our life more difficult as well. The world is very dependent of technology and it makes that rich and important people can control us easily. Furthermore, technology development destroys our values. It makes people to be more selfish too.

  5. Marion says:

    I agree with them, because really the technology is very important and necessary in the world. So, when you have to go to work another country, you can communicate by internet (facebook, e-mail, whatsapp…) with your love family. Furthermore, it is very essential know about internet today, because every communication is for computers. If you need speak with one person this sistem is very cheap and quick.

  6. Blue says:

    I think that the technology is a bad factor for a good communication. Bad factor, because We don´t talk face to face, the contact direct with the person. Also, is a problem too, because, when we talk in the virtual space, the words that we writing in the computer, haven´t got a intonation or a expressions the face. It can do discussions, because we interpret wrong the words.

    • Kay-Kay says:

      I agree with your opinion, when you say that communication it a bad factor for face to face communication, but I do not think that new tecnologies are realy bad for a good communication. I think that we need balance all types of communication.

  7. DRF says:

    I agree with Marion, because technology is important for the people. For example a social networks help people to communicate when they are shy. Also we can use technology to communicate with people in different places. I think that the only problem is the money because to use the technology we need money to buy for example a computer. However technology is a good factor for a good communication.

  8. E says:

    As I see it, new technologies give us more disadvantiges than advanteges to society. People improve and experiment a lot of changes, so new technologies are made and that permit to develop the other communication forms. In the ohter hand, relationships are dissapeared, because we give importance to social netwoks, mobiles, forgetting other people, family, friends, neighbors. Besides, it can cause social exclusión because many poor people can not afford to use this kind of techonologies because it is very expensive so they can not relationship with other member of the society.

  9. Taylor says:

    I’m in favor of technology too, because the problem isn’t we don’t know to speak face to face,the problem appears when we adapt to technology. I guess that the technology is designed for to help us, but sometimes we can confuse between “help” and “accommodate”. When this happens, it is where is the problem. This may be one of the many problems that has the abuse of technology.

  10. ASM says:

    Hi, everybody.

    Today is very import the technology in the human comunication, because the modern people use more talk in the website (for example), or the face to face. The people prefer this type comunication since It is better, fast and many people can use with easy and simple form.

    And finally, I think that is import talk face to face, because is better for the body lenguage, confidence and respet in the conversation.

  11. B153 says:

    I agree with Blue and E, because new technologies do that people lose a lot of qualities and skills like to be natural, spontaneus instead of thinking first what you say and how you say; or to laugh, really to laugh and not to write in the computer or mobile “JAJAJAJAJAJ” when you are totally serious. Besides, I have seen people who is in the same place and they communicate with their mobiles!! This isn’t normal! However, I understand that many people live in other countries and new technologies are the best form of communication for them because is quickly and free, but the rest should be conscious of the risks that the new technologies cause us.

  12. Ynrd says:

    In my opinion, today’s technological devices don’t support human communication.
    Nowadays, the issue of communication is very complex. A new type of communication has been developed in modern societies: virtual communication.
    This communication has positive aspects: We can talk with our family and friends for free although we are in other countries. Just like that, we have contact with our social networks, but with some consequences, for example, we will be lost talk face to face or we can’t be looked body language. The same situation is produced with mobiles.
    In conclusion, we don’t lose the relation with our social networks, but these can be done more weak.

  13. J says:

    I think that the technology is very important ! because gives us good things to everyone, for example, with internet and social network we can speak with people from other countries and learn about other cultures, make friends and learn the others.Moreover,internet help us to be more informed of what is happening in our country and help us to have more culture.

  14. ghost says:

    Is well known that modern societies have changed in general the systems of communication in all the scenaries. Today we prefer to use the advanced technology to communicate with our friends, families and even our boyfriend/girlfriend. Actually, face to face conversation has been remplased by wathsapp, twiter, facebook. Is it a development or a delay?

  15. rvd says:

    Hello to everybody!
    if technology is good or bad, depends of the use that you will do with it. if you use them to speak with other people in differents countries, find a job, study, watch films, etc. its great, but the problem perhaps can be if you spend much time on internet and you dont have face to face communication with other people. in this case i think that isn´t good for healthy of our mind.

  16. Maggie says:

    I think that the new technologies are very important in our live, because they allow us to communicate with persons who lives in other place. This way, we can know cultures and customs of other countries. Also, if I go to live to other country, I can communicate with my family and friends by internet.
    Moreover, in our society have lost good customs like face to face communication, because this way of communication is substituted by virtual conversations. For example, is very common to see people gathered without speaking, but they speak by whatsapp, facebook or others mobile applications.

  17. ghost says:

    Of course technology has changed the people habits. Other important technology development that hasn’t been mentioned is the television. It has modified the comunication at home because conversations has been replaced for watch Tv all the time even at lunch time. I think that the use of it is being disturbing for the family comunication.

  18. Rose says:

    Nowadays technological devices are one of the most important channels of human communication. As most of you have said Facebook, Whatsaap and Skype allow us to keep in touch with family, friends and co-worker. Creativity, independence and education have improved because of technology. But social skills and communication face to face are been replaced by lonesomeness.

  19. thursday says:

    TV, Internet, radio, mobile, all of them are technological tool that nowadays let us to comunicate with people around the world faster than years ago. But everything has a good side and a bad side. For example, when Internet didn’t exist and people wrote letter each other the communication was really slow. It carries a lot of problems when the information was urgent. An other inconvenient was that people didn’t know what was happening in another countries as well as today.
    Today all the information is more accesible than yesterdays but it has also inconvenients like rumors, not corroborate information and the classical problem (of WhatsApp): bring closer people that are away and dispel people that are close.

  20. Peter Pan says:

    Obviously, new technologies help us in so much aspects of our life such as communication, information, education… For example, in the last century, if a member of a family has to travel to another city or country, the family hasn’t got some way of communication and they lost the contact. Nowadays, there are technologies that it allow to communicate with other people around the world like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.
    However, new technologies have a bad face too. People doesn’t use it correctly. Face to face communication is being lost. For example, when a group ofep friends are in a snack bar they are using their smartphones to communicat with other persons, instead of talking with their friends.
    We have to learn how to use new technologies correctly because it can be very useful.

  21. Code.M says:

    Hello everyone!
    I think today’s technology makes life easier and lighter, has also helped us to have a more open mind and clearer thinking for we know there are things like the computer, the phone, etc.. that may help to clarify our doubts, and allows us to communicate more easily.
    However, it makes people more dependent and individualistic, and communication with the people around us decreases.

  22. Wave says:

    I think about the technological devices at nowadays, that they are very important in orden to communication among the persons, because providing different means of communication as telephone, Internet, TV etc.. Those ways of communication are useful because letting us to talk with some persons that are in other place and other country at the same time, besides also we be able to find information of diverses topic and social event.
    But the technological devices can´t to offer all the information neccesary by goob communicaction because be losted the nonverbal communication , the emocional communication, that keeping the esencial information for to undertand the true sense of messages.

  23. JQG says:

    I think technological devices present both advantages and disadvantages.
    On the one hand, keep us connected with different people both domestically and internationally. For example, every day in universities we find people who have different technological devices allowing them to communicate with others.
    On the other hand, with the technological devices are subjected to many radiation that may be harmful for our health. For example, this can be seen in the use of mobile phones.
    However, I believe that the new technologies it makes people more dependent and individualistic, and communication with the people around us decreases.

  24. Y says:

    In my opinion, today´s technologies have made life easier for us, but also have made we have not privacy, because we being guards or influency by media and social networks.

  25. Visa says:

    Hi to everyone!
    Nowadays, the technological represents a major progress in the communication, because connect a persons that are in diferent places, also integrate a persons are excluded the communication in society (deaf, blind…).
    In my opinión, with technological are lost the valor essential in the community, due, to as says “Peter Pan”, to the missuse do the persons.

  26. Kay-Kay says:

    I think that news technologies are very important in this days. We have a very fast lifestyle, so we need communicate with other in every moment. But not all is fantastic. Now, people do not meet with frends in a park or in a restaurant, they chat or call by phone. I consider the comunication face to face is losing. And this is sad, because in my opinion, it is the most important form of communication.

  27. Vin Diesel says:

    From my point of view, high-tech supports human communication because if you go abroad and you need to communicate with your family and friends. Nowdays it’s so easy and fast, even with some gadget you can see them at the same time in different part of the world.

  28. Peter Pan says:

    Some comments like: “…also have made we have not privacy” by “Y” make me thinking. I would like to know what do you think about that.
    What do you think about who have the blame? Is the trouble ours because we don’t use new technologies correctly? Or, is new techonologies a problem for our privacity?

    I want to read your opinion and then, I will write my feeling.

  29. Mss Smith says:

    Good afternoon, I believe that the technology is very important because better the comunication with the other person and it does that you can communicate with person the other country. Also, I consider that the technology can communicate the easy form and fast but also I consider that the technology destroys the relation face to face.

  30. S.W says:

    Good morning everyone!

    My view on new technologies is negative. The key is knowing how to use and as we are seeing people not making good use of technology. People do not communicate face to face and lose social skills. We use new technologies such as mobile phone for emergencies. But people used to spend all day talking and then when viewed in person they doesn’t speak.

  31. FGV says:

    The new technology is very important in the society that we live, because all this do most easy work, also the communication with other people, etc.

    In my opinion the new technology have more advantages that disadvantages. Also I think that is a good form for communication, because through social networks the people can talk with friends, meet people, etc. However, the principal disadvantage is that people move away from their friends, because they see less with them for talk face to face.

  32. Chaterine says:

    Hello classmates!
    In my opinion, the face-to-face relationships are losing by the use of new technologies. And for example, people living in remote areas, may be adversely affected by the difficult access to these

  33. Mary-Kate says:

    One of the problems of new technology is the globalization of social networks, which have caused many people to lose their privacy. Besides traditional values ​​are lost and create new habits.

  34. Sara says:

    I think that the new technologies are very important for communication today, because help to communicate and know people of others countries. But also I believe that the new technologies not allow the traditionaal communication with people.

  35. Brisby says:

    Hello to everyone,
    I believe that the new technologies are very important for live because make most easy work and help know people. But also I think that can not lose the street communication because is essential for our life in all dimension.

  36. MPI92 says:

    in my opinion, the discovery of new technologies have led to significant progress for society, and has been good so people can develop and communicate better, such as the Internet, we can talk with people around the world, and this can lead to learning new languages​​, and we can practice talking to people from other paise.
    but not all technologies are good, because in my opinion the use of whatssap has brought negative situations, like losing face to face, or not paying attention to the conversations we have with others.

  37. Daisy says:

    Hi there everybody!
    This is a very controversial topic and that gives much conversation. In my opinion, new technologies involve both technological and social progress. While it is true that we live in a global village and we are all connecting around the world, 24 hours 7 days a week; the digital connection with who is far away is influencing our direct communication with who is next to us. For example, when we went out to eat with our friends, family, couple and began to send text messages to someone who is no there at this moment, we do not pay attention to who is with us; that’s a negative point to new technologies.

  38. Rebeca says:

    I agree with my classmates in the something but i disagree in other contributions. Well, i thing that technology is the most advance that people could have experimented. On the one hand, I thing that the society lost the traditional values. I know that the technology open a big way of possibilities to communication, but I thing that is not the same. Because you tell your problems in a computer or mobile phone and not see your friend´s body language, for example. Likewise when you have a personal situation you wanna have a conversation face to face with someone and express your feelings. The virtual communication, internet, whatsapp, facebook etc, are very usual at the day but in my opinion the contact with other person is not exchangeable.

  39. Purple says:

    In the first time I want to say that the technology helps us, because we live so fast and we need communicate with the people, but on the other hand the technology has affected us negatively because it doesn’t allow us to communicate face to face and it is very important in the communicaton.
    And finally, I agree with Rebeca, because she says that the virtual comunication for example whatsapp, facebook, etc, are very common but the contact with the other person is the best, because we can see his gestures, and his body lenguage and with whatsapp it is impossible.

  40. Sender says:

    In my view modern societies have lost one of the most important values: talk face to face. Today people communicate mainly through social networks, whatsApp, sms, e-mail… Everybody has many friends, they are always in contact but they´re not to talk face to face.

  41. Max says:

    In my opinion, nowdays the technology is very important for a better communication.
    I think that because Facebook or Whatssap make people be connected all the time. However, new technology reduce face to face conversation between people.
    To conclude, new technology can be good or bad according to the way that we use it.

  42. Moon says:

    I think that modern society dependent to technology devices for communicate . Society have a superficial communication because people don´t worry for share moments with others persons. Now in the society, comunication has less quality because the relations have not links quite strong. Though nowadays communication is more numerous because persons have more quantity to relations and they have less time for dedicate to relations.

  43. Moon says:

    In my opinion the main values ​​that society is lossing are confidence and sincerity. Because now it is easier to lie to get a objective.

  44. Karl says:

    In my opinion, the technology is a throwback for communication because talks are more cold. Today face to face conversations are mising and these are remplaced by new tecnology. The people have not time for coffe with friend and they talk for away. I often see people in a coffe shop and they do not speak. They are all the time with the mobile phone. In conclusión, I think you have to put aside the technologies and we have a good time with friends.

  45. Scarlett says:


    I agree with you because I think the new Technologies are very important today. Moreover, the technology help us in much aspects of our life. For example, I have relatives and friends abroad and I speak with them for Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp..

    However, the new technologies can be a bad factor for a good communication because we lose face to face communication. I think that we need balance all types of communication.

  46. Ainafetse says:

    In my opinion, new technologies are very useful because it makes us to be in contact with others at all times, exchanging opinions and thoughts, and with those who are in another country. But I also think that those technologies and social networks have replaced many of the forms of face-to-face communication. For example, currently people speak more for Whatsapp and Facebook that meet in a cafe or a park. I think it should continue using advanced technology but without replacing the physical communication or face-to-face.

  47. Peter Pan says:

    Nobody has responded to my question…
    It is a pity because it seemed to me very interesting.

  48. Nigga says:

    In my opinión, new technologies facilitate our live, included the forms that we use to have a conversation with other people. In one hand it facilitate the transfer of infotmation about fiends, family…, for example in others times the only way we had to have notices about somebody was across a letter, but now with Facebook, whatsaap, Skype, mobile phones… we can speak with somebody around the world. But at the other hand this have a negative part, because these new technologies transform people in zombies that only speak in chats online but never have face to face convesation and spoil their social lives. Anythings are good in excesses.

  49. Mss Smith says:

    It hIt happened on October 28 when I was in bilbao cultural exchange with my classmates. One day we were doing cultural visit in the middle, we passed our days.
    One afternoon the teacher had said that we had the afternoon off that we were to buy, or look things in the midle. Then we had to go to the hostel where we we were running out of the teacher.This afternoon, me and a mate lost it to the class group, and we were walking alone through a city we did not know , and it was very cold and we were afraid.
    Until we get to the hostel and all was a bad experience.

  50. thursday says:

    I want to do a comparison between yesterday and today. Yesterday the communication was principally face to face. PC’s, Mobile, etc didn’t exist, so people must meeting themselves. Nobody got late to dates because they can’t advise their friends and, maybe, friends, could let there and go without the slow. The problem was the communication between countries. It was really slow and expensive.
    Today everybody can talk with everybody around the world. The inconvenient is that technologic bring closer far people but get away close people.

  51. freedom says:

    from my point of view,I think technology helps in a way, i mean with all the new advances in the technology you can “talk” with more people and not only with the ones that are near you or with whom you have more contact in your daily live but with people all around the world,and literally in seconds you can obtain a answer .But a the same time we are loosing social manners,for example if you go to a coffee shop and look around you’ll see a lot of people doing stuff with theirs phones and not paying attention to the people that are right there with them .So,I think it helps but we should learn to balance how much we use it .

  52. AGD says:

    Hello everyone.
    To my opinion the technology has greatly facilitated communication between people who are in different cities or countries, it is preferable to send a whatsapp or call Skype because it is more convenient and faster, but I also believe that it has a downside advance limited relationships with people who live together and we are more aware of the mobile to have a face to face conversation.

  53. Sheldom says:

    In my opinion, the technology facilitates the communication because you can talk to someone from anywhere. Doesn’t mind how, the hour, with what or with whom. Also, shy persons are felt sure because they haven’t to talk face to face. But this form of comunication doesn’t help to meet someone. It’s important the no verbal language: his face, eyes, how he touch you or the sound of her laughter…
    In conlusion, we mustn’t abuse the technologies

  54. Rebeca says:

    I´m totally agree with you, sheldon, but i don’t think that the technology is good for communication in part. because if you are an timid person, you won´t learn to have real communication with others. And if you have communication of internet never people will know how is your true personality.

  55. Jane says:

    Hello everyone.
    In my opinion, the technology is very important because with these everyone can communicate with persons that they live in other country. However, the technology also is a problem, in some ocassions because some people have lost some desire of communicate face to face. The technology is positive but something also negative.

  56. LMM says:

    Good morning,
    I agree with Rebeca, because although the new technologies are a tool that facilitates the communication are breaking with the face-to-face relationship.
    I think that the new technologies provide positive and negative aspects for the society. Because, as I mention before, they are breaking with the face-to-face relationship but with the new technologies facilitates the communication all over the world. For example, a person in Argentine can contact with a person in Spain at the same moment.
    In conclusion, new technologies are good depending on the use made of.

  57. Roxanne says:

    I’m totally agree with you, LMM. The new technologies are creating new forms of communication. It’s true that the new technologies have negative aspects as for example the direct contact with persons or the physical contact while we talk, i’ts something that we are losing. But as you say, also there positive aspects as for example that you can maintain contact instant with persons that you can’t see with much frecuency by their lifestyle or beace now they don’t live here. This can create maybe lasting relationships.

  58. Helen says:

    I know that the technological devices have made our lives easier. It is also true that when a friend or a relative is abroad is awesome that we can speak with him only using Skype. But it is very annoying when you are talking to a person and he interrupts you for looking the whatsapp. The foregoing causes the deterioration of relationships “face to face”.

  59. ice-cream says:

    Today technology generally keeps human communication in a virtual manner. People are all day with mobile in hand and that makes the face to face communication is lost. That it is one of the values ​​that modern society has lost and I think it is difficult to recover.

  60. Dakota says:

    I agree with many opinions. It’s true that the communication lose quality with the new technologies. The people are losing many abilities to speak with other person due to that in the last years we are prefering communicate of this form.

  61. star says:

    In my opinion the new technologies facilitates the communication when two persons live far, in different country. Even the new technologies help themselves feel more near his houses. But also I think that the new technologies influence negatively in a good communication because many persons already don’t communicate face to face but across the mobile, of the computer, etc… For example, when a few friends go of a party, they all have the mobile phone in the hand

  62. RED says:

    Hi people!
    I think technology nowadays is a very powerfull tool to his generation that brings people together in certain ways. For example, if you leave in a different city or country than your family and friends you can be in constant contact via certain apps for your smart phone. Nevertheless, some values have been lost as well, we don’t communicate in person anymore! We’re too busy talking to the person on the other side of the phone or taking a picture of our food to upload it to instagram that we forget to enjoy what we are doing.

  63. Blue says:

    I think that the devices technological are very important to society because with them many families can communicate with other member of the family who lives in other places.
    But the new technologies are changing the types of communication. Now, the face to face communcation is being lost because some persons only use it as mains of communication and it is very sad.

  64. Sunshine says:

    I think that technology negatively affect the way society because this increasingly individualizing people, as their communication is established through them or who prefer to establish relationships through technology.
    The families aren´t as close as before, as they focus more on mobiles, tablets…to engage in face to face conversations, dating…
    The benefit could be derived technologies , as my collegue has said, is the ability to communicate with others who are in another distant place.

  65. Dawn says:

    Hi, everyone!
    I think that technology is very important in this society, because with technology you can comunicate with other parts of the word in just a second.
    But today the techonology has caused that the people stop to talking face to face. Today, we only look at the screen of a mobile phone.

  66. Lyon says:

    I think that the technology is a fundamental prop in our lives, thanks to her we can communicate in a more rapid and effective form. Also it allows us to know what happens in the world to the instant. However the technology has caused much damage principally the young persons ¨, who already do not go out to the street to play and meet hooked before his mobile phone.

  67. Anna says:

    Good Afternoon to all

    I believe that new technologies have been good for us in most fields, as long-distance comunication, information, internet etc. but honestly I think that technology has taken our humanity that we have today all limited to having a phone with whatssap and internet and when we do not, we see that we are nothing and we get bored and feel desoriented and are not fashionable, I think in the times of our parents everything was better and healthier… without many antennas and microwave…

  68. moustache says:

    Hello everyone:

    I think they are very important in society. These changes give us many facilities. It lets you stay in touch with family and friends far away, and before you could only do so by letter or phone calls very expensive. Social networks help to globalization and have about things that are far away. Wearing them is very important in society today.

  69. Hanna says:

    Good afternoon everyone
    On the one hand, I think that technologies improve communication between human because with it we have the chance to be always in contact. Also, is helpful for people who live in different countries, because they could communicate even if they are miles away.
    On the other hand, technologies get worse communication because we have the feeling that we are nothing without a cellphone, a computer, whatapps, etc. Also we have forgotten how communicate face to face.

  70. Pink says:

    Good afternoon.
    Nowadays, I think the communication is deteriorated because new technologies have changed the way we relate so much. Children do not play outside, for example in the park because they are at home playing computer games. Moreover, adults communicate via internet and mobile pone so that there is less face to face relationship.

  71. Butterfly says:

    Hello mates.
    In my opinion, nowdays the use of new technologies have positive and negative aspects.
    I think that it has negative aspects because the use of phones and computers makes face to face relationships are lost, but also has positive aspects because thanks to new technologies faster communication occurs.
    In my point of view , I think that in occasion is good the use of new technologies ,but not always.

    • Rainbow says:

      Good afternoon guys;
      In my opinion, new technologies are increasingly advanced and they have greater repercussion on people. Today most people can not live without technology, always they need have with them their phone, computer, etc…
      More and more programs that allow others to have controlled on the other, as in the case of WhatsApp, which will appear the last connections from your contacts or if they came or not the message sent are displayed.

  72. Lisa says:

    An example of good communication is this blog; it looks like every person does their contribution respecting other colleagues. This is one of the key points for good communication: respect.

  73. SUN says:

    Hi everyone, good afternoon.
    In mi opinion, nowadays we depend on new technologies. On one side, is an advantage to have a mobile phone or tablet to communicate with our family and friends. It doesn`t mind if them are near or far. For example, Whatsapp or Skype are good application for it.
    On other side, the technological devices are harmful to our day. For example, while we are eating with our family many of us are looking the phone and don`t enjoy dialogue.
    Finally, I think that the technologies are important but with some limits.

  74. W says:

    The major advance of new technologies and their influence on us is obvious. Who doesn’t have a computer or a mobile phone nowadays?
    The important thing is the use we make of these technologies. The new technologies allow people to make friends and to socialize, to know about other cultures, to learn or to improve languages, etc.
    But they have also negative aspects. For example, the lost of direct contact with other people and the addiction they can cause.
    So, as I said, the important thing is the responsible use we give to new technologies.

  75. Smile says:

    I think that new communication technologies gives us many facilities. Thanks to WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and other social networks, we can communicate comfortably and quickly. However, we become dependent very easily and we communicate without nonverbal communication. I mean, we lose many factors that are important for good communication.

  76. Peace says:

    Nowadays we live in a society run by the technology. These developments can be positive and negative. On the one hand we are able to put in contact with anybody around the world in seconds just by clicking or pressing a button. On the other hand we are losing real contact and that means that our relationships are based in words rather in facts. And the question is: Is it worth it? What we prefer a hug or an smiling emoji? I invite you to think and discuss about it.

  77. Hommer says:

    Good communication is very easy to get if you’re talking to someone you feel good and comfortable, it gets complicated when you have to talk to people with whom you disagree. They are right now where it is important to remember the different rules of assertive communication.

  78. IHS says:

    In my opinion, nowadays new technologies are very important in the communication. Many people used to communicate between internet or techology like that. Due to people have lost commuication face to face and communications are increasingly more empaty and cold.

  79. Willy says:

    Hello everyone.
    In my opinion I think that personal communication is being lost due to the advance of new technologies. These make us communicate via mobile phones and computers and not face to face.

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