Discussion 2. Protecting children & helping the elderly as a social worker

Dear all,

Being part of a society implies that we live in a community. Children and elderly people represent the two extreme sides of a society. The former is starting to learn new words and experiences while the latter is a mature person with a lot of experiences. Society is constantly moving forward. Consider answering one or two of the following questions and provide an argument here (50-70 words):

  • What would you say are the roles you may have as a social worker who assist children and/or the elderly’s needs?
  • What are the rights children should have?
  • What are the rights the elderly should have?
  • How can the elderly be integrated into a society?
  • Could you think of examples, situations and solutions that you may have to face as a social worker when dealing with children and the elderly?

Now, let’s start this conversation with thoughtful arguments! Have a great day!

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88 Responses to Discussion 2. Protecting children & helping the elderly as a social worker

  1. Maggie says:

    How can the elderly people be integrated into a society?
    I think that, nowadays, the elderly people are more integrated into a society, because exist programs and activities for them. Despite this, a lot of elders feel alone, because there are insufficient resources to care them and their families don’t have the sufficient time to attend them.Thus, in my opinion, we should create more resources and do more activities, like dancing, traveling… Should hire more human services workers, too, to can work with elderly people in residences, for example.

    • sunshine says:

      I agree with you Maggie, today for older people have more resources, feel alone , they need the love and affection of your ones dear. A possible solution to this problem maybe, to engage with elderly and family together with either the residences, centers of days…for example: excursions, afternoon snacks, some game…by this way would strengthen the relationship between them and the elderly not feeling so alone.

      • B153 says:

        I agree with sunshine and I think that another possibility for the eldery people don’t feel alone can be that they live with students that study a long away from their homes. I have seen this on television and I think that it is a good form of supporting them, because eldery people offer their home and their food and students offer affection an companionship.

      • Rose says:

        In the same way that B153 has mentioned last Sunday night I watched a Frech-German comedy film, “All together” (2011). It shows how a group of five retired friends live all together in the same house and how they look after each other. This not only happens in a movie, in Torremocha de Jarra, Spain, there is a cohousing community where 81 elderly people live together. It´s great because the services and activities are planned, owned and managed by themselves. Would you like to live there?

  2. Peter Pan says:

    I agree with both opinions but I cannot avoid thinking that both age groups (children and elderly) are suffering a hard situation.
    A good idea would be join them to do activities together (for example: excursions, days on the beach or in the countryside, days in family, travels, etc). Getting that elderly people feel useful for the society. This is a way to be grateful for all that they have done and are doing for the community.
    Moreover, children can to learn so much of elderly people and they will begin to respect them.

  3. ASM says:

    After I read the text, I would like ask this cuestion: What would you say are the roles you may have as a social worker who assist children and/or the elderly’s needs?
    The roles a social worker is responsabilitive and they have got help this child when they need their. The social worker have got habilitive for help, by the child that they is better for the dangerous situation. They are prepare psychologically for these situations, because they have a social skill.
    And finally, a social worker does a important activity.

  4. Mss Smith says:


    I agree with my partners, I consider important the activitys and resources for the elderlys don’t feel only but I don’t believe that it is very important nowadays. There are functions of social workers that now are not being made because there haven’t people for example, the assistance at home. There are many elderly that haven’t the needs covered and they haven’t got family. On the other hand, I consider that the social worker with childrens are more active that the social worker with the elderlys.

  5. Marion says:

    I agree with them, because social workers of the world are really need for help to the elderly and protecting children to do happy. Every this, it must be necesary programs and projects that integrate their family for the best results. This is possible if they do activity together of cooperation and mutual aid. Finally, I think that the rights the elderly and children should have are equal opportunities, namely, they have as a right so to live with dignity.

  6. ghost says:

    What are the rights the elderly should have?
    Like was mentioned before, the elderly have insuficients resources to attend their necessities. The main right they should have is to continuous being an active part of the Society because not all the elderly are ill. For this reason, if they want and it is possible they should continuous working or doing activities without forget the characteristics of each one. The main objective is to mantein a quality of life.

  7. uruk says:

    Hello !
    I’m agree with all my partners about the important of Social Workers because they are the basic entry to the social services. They help people to know the social resources as in order that they accede to them.
    I want to answer this question : What are the rights children should have?
    All childrens have to have house , food , clothes ,education and the most important thing is to be in a favorable environment where they feel good and people love them.

  8. S.W says:

    Good morning everyone

    I think both children and the elderly should take good care because they are weaker people. Children need protection and basic care. Elders need to hear them and company. Many people feel alone. Social workers should provide information about resources available to help them.

    Social workers will be guides in solving their problems!

  9. Nathan says:

    In mi opinion, social workers ought to be patient and responsable of their activity with child and old people. On the one hand, we have to promote the welfare of children. We can do it if we prevent neglect or family disfunction, for example. On the other hand, we can help old people as well. We have to promote the social involvement of this collective in such a way that he could feel well with themselves.
    In brief, social workers have to promote the rights of these people, such as freedom, dwelling…

  10. Kay-Kay says:

    I believe that all people are in some way useful to society. From social work , we can exploit the potential of older people because their experience have much to contribute. As for children is important to work to have a safe and warm environment in which to develop properly, such as the love of their parents or quality education and health.

  11. Mary-Kate says:

    From social work I would suggest that older people are more involved in relation to activities such as urban gardens or neighborhood beautification.
    And children should encourage the participation of those in society, taking into account creativity.

  12. Chaterine says:

    Hello everyone:
    To my seniors are important and the values ​​of society have left them in second place.
    And as more children should be protected from social work because they are most vulnerable.

  13. Brisby says:

    Hello to everyone,
    I believe that the social worker must detect needs of children and elderly for that have a good life and avoid social exclusion.
    The children have the right for that your family cover all needs support, health, clothes, for good life,
    The elderly have the right to health and leisure resources in good conditions for that integrate with their peers.
    The social worker should guide for family of children and elderly for avoid future problems of insolation,loneliness, helplessness, ultimately of social exclusion

  14. JQG says:

    How can the elderly people be integrated into a society?
    I think that one of the characteristics for which many elders are not integrated to the society is for the known inequality, any society must know the needs of the elderly people, what do they think?, how do they feel?. In addition I believe that the respect, the attention and the fondness are three basic beginning in the relation with our elderly. Since solution we might contribute a more just and equality society for all, bearing in mind all the needs or specific difficulties of all those that do not possess the whole necessary capacity.

  15. Code.M says:


    What are the rights of children should have?
    Children have the right to education, culture and the game, and must also have the means to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, in conditions of liberty and dignity. It is important that they receive the love and understanding from their parents and grow under your responsibility.
    If these rights not fulfilled, the caseworker should help both children as their families. The professional must make various types of social counseling and case analysis, or group behavior, ensuring the protection and welfare of children.

  16. uruk says:

    Today , I want to answer the next question : How can the elderly people be integrated into a society?
    In my opinion, it’s necessary to create more residences for elderly people because a lot of relatives can’t look after them. The social Workers have to informate to all people about the resources for elderly people. For example , a person who only cames to your house to speak with your mother and spend time ; excursions ; games like ajedrez , bingo, centers where they can be with other people with same age and they share experiencies.

  17. DRF says:

    Hello classmates!
    From my point of view i think it is important that older people can be good teachers because children can learn from the experience of older people. Children are the future of society and should learn from experiences of older people. Can also say that older people need to change someone to go activities. Finally believe that social workers should bet the relationships between children and older people for to improve our society.

  18. FGV says:

    After I read the text, I would say the principal rol of social workers is help to all people that have a bad situation. For example, people that do not have to eat, people that do not have to necessary skills to have a good life. Likewise, the social workers have to listen to people that need to be ears.

    Also thinking in older people, I believe that the social workers have an important paper with respect at their integration. The elderly often feel alone. In my point of view I think that a good form of integrate the older people is: They have do community activities, they should to go to travel with friends, they can go to dance with neighbors, for example, and the most important thing is they always feel accompanied.

  19. Dakota says:

    Good morning!
    I think that to help the elderly, the society must be more understanding with them. One example of this, it is we must respect them due to they are the persons with more experiences of the society. Therefore the work of the social workers is empower them. Last, I consider that the society must do their life more easy and no more difficult because all we will be old and we wouldn’t like live our last years alone and sad.

  20. Taylor says:

    Hello everybody!
    I agree with all my partners and I want to answer the following question, too:
    – How can the elderly be integrated into a society?
    I believe that the elderly could do much more than we think. I consider that the residences and others ideas are well, but the elderly can be useful in the actual society. It is because the ancient have got wisdom that in a younger person you couldn’t find. The older people are a source of inspiration, they have experiences and they can give advice about all areas of society, also when we speak about saving they meet how to facilitate it. I think that for the ancients can be integrated in a correctly form into the society, the social workers could get this good information of them and, for that reason, the social workers should help them when they have one necessity.

  21. JQG says:

    Hello classmates!
    – How can the elderly be integrated into a society?
    I believe that it is necessary to depart from a just and igalitarian society for all the ages. In addition it is essential to think about all the persons and bear the needs or specific difficulties in mind of all those that do not rely on the whole capacity, that they should have and that they are supposed habitual. Since solution I consider that the respect, the attention and the fondness are three basic beginning in the relation with our major ones.

  22. Peter Pan says:

    I completely agree with you, Taylor. I have always believe that elderly are disparaged. They have so much to share with us, independently of the age (children, teenagers, young and adult).
    Ours roles as a social workers in this situacion are improve the perspective that society have about them and advance their welfare.
    In relation to children, I think that a good idea could be join elderly with kids to do things together. If we get join both generations, the youngests and the oldest, perhaps and problably, children change their opinion about elderly and they increase aged’s integrations.

  23. Vin Diesel says:

    I think, the most important for the elderly and children should have is to be happy, so all together could achieve this if we follow every rights that both sides have. For example, children rights could be: play with other kids, a good education, a take out of damage as wars, mistreated… and in the order hand the elderly rights could be a quite life, not allow that they fell alone among other things.

  24. Anillo says:

    Answering to the question “What would you say are the roles you may have as a social worker who assist children and/or the elderly’s needs?” I think the roles that the social worker must have:
    – The social workers should protect the rights of the children and the elders.
    -The social workers should watch that children and elders in bad situation, have all the necessary to have a good life.
    In short words the social working is a job with much responsability because this workers work with people.

  25. Blue says:

    I think that we (the society) don’t appreciate the children and the elderly opinions. We have to make aware the people in general since that we go to the school. It is very important because if we to make aware and we have those values since that we are children, these groups will feel more appreciate.This is one the works the social workers.

    • B153 says:

      I like too much that you say Blue. Society always thinks and says what is the better for children and eldery people but only a few are who ask them about their feelings and their oppinions. I think that eldery people, for example, don’t like residences but it is not important for society because we prefer our comfort and we forget how can eldery people feel.


  26. thursday says:

    I resort to the maslow’s pyramid and I research if their needs and rights are covered. I turn to the family and share out responsibilities that benefit to the welfare of children and elderly.
    As much children as elderly have to have a home, food, love and care. The elderly should feel fulfilled and independent. Now is the moment when they can dedicate whatever their really want. Children must go to school and develop their knowledge and capacities enjoying themselves and getting love.
    To integrate elderly into a society we could organised cook courses to help harmed sectors of society selling the food done. Everyone could participate in the chain.

    • Roxanne says:

      I think your opinion is very original for you comparation with the Maslow’s pyramid, something totally right. Also, I’m quite agree with proporsal that you have done about cook courses and subsequent sale. The elderly’s also sholud feel useful in society and we must help them in their welfare and development!

  27. MPI92 says:

    In my opinion the role it should have a social worker:
    social workers should be a consultant, advisor, counselor: advises individuals to seek alternatives to basic social needs. (food, housing, health, education, clothing, use of free time, I child care homes, etc. ..)
    It helps to use existing services more effectively and to make individuals and groups in contact with them.
    In the case of children should fight for the right to education, for a good development, good nutrition and integration with other children, the right to play, learn, be happy as children.
    and in place of the old, lucuhar for human rights, for integration, and the development of new skills, new learning and the development of autonomy.

  28. Ainafetse says:

    I’d like to respond to what are the rights that children and the older should be. On the one hand children, should you have the same rights without distinction as to sex, religion or social class, have all the resources to grow physical and mentally free, as to a good education, protection and security, and it is very important to receive attention and affection of parents or tutors.
    On the other hand the older, they are useful and able to have a full and independent life, that it should be right to a legal and physical security to social assistance in case of unemployment, retirement, diseases. Another important right in this group is the integration into society, without discrimination and with power of participation in activities, programs and elections in the society.

  29. julie says:

    Hello everyone!
    I think that childhood and old age are the most vulnerable stages of life because the persons are in this ages need more attention and care of society.
    I consider that all children have right to receive education, to have a home, food and family, to live and to grow up in a calm atmosphere without war, problems and children always should be the first receive help and protection.
    On the other hand, with respect to elderly people, i say that we should be always patient with they because they are sometime like children and we don’t blame them for this. Having said this, we integrate elderly into a society when we listen them,when we recognize their effort and experience, when family share responsabilities with they and they feel esteemed …
    Finally, social works are very important like mediators between elderly people and family and society. And we always look after comfort and well-being of children.

  30. Roxanne says:

    Hi companions!
    I want to give my opinion about the rights the elderly’s and as the can be integrates into a society.
    In my opinion, the elderly’s should have rights acondicionated to their needs, as to have a good pension and a home adjusted to their specials conditions or not to be excluded of participation of the civic activities socials: the elderly’s must have the right of participation. Also, they should have the right to be informed of all resources they can access. So they could feel most integrated into society.

  31. Dakota says:

    Good afternoon!
    I think that to help the elderly, the society must be more understanding with them. One example of this, it is we must respect them due to they are the persons with more experiences of the society. Therefore the work of the social workers is empower them. Last, I consider that the society must do their life more easy and no more difficult because all we will be old and we wouldn’t like live our last years alone and sad.

  32. Ynrd says:

    The social worker can help to children and elderly people. They don’t cover only basic needs such as housing, food… but also cover social needs.
    In terms of social needs, the social workers can support, listen and mobilize social networks of the children or the elderly people. Also social workers can give some information of resources that they need, and help to cover their basic needs such us health, education, housing…
    The social workers are a key for help children and elderly people.

  33. Rebeca says:

    Well, I think that in the future, we will be elderly´s because all people grow up and years happen very fast. It´s important help to ederly´s and it´s imposible don´t think that. The society are very individual, at the moment and this is a reason for that there aren´t mutual help.The social worker must be help in the involved situations; for example, one old man don´t have a family and living in a six floor at flat, can´t walk and cannot have a normal life. In this case we (social workers) have got that look for an option for care they.

  34. J says:

    The functions that have a social worker who helps children and the elderly in their needs are: get that children and the elderly have a good life and receive necessary care, also resolve their problems and basic needs. The rights that children and elderly should have are:good education, receive care and love, good food and attend their health problems…
    The problem that affect at children and elders is sometime not being cared for their family. The social work must attend their needs and make decisions for that they are better cared.
    I think that the elders can be integrated into a society with meeting and activities for all ages, with sewing activities or card games for all ages. The elders are persons with much experience and the young can learn much from them.

  35. Dawn says:

    I think that the work with children is very important. The children are the base and the future of our company. To create the environment adapted to work with this group was taking us to the success.

  36. Daisy says:

    Hey everybody!

    Our elders are wise, have lived a lifetime, experiences, etc. They help more young people to see life differently, to don’t make mistakes. That’s why, it’s sad when we see that many people in old age are excluded from society, even within their own families. To integrate them it’s important promote social understanding. Should to exist places where they can attend and participate in activities that make them feel useful, and the same time leisure centers. Our grandparents are an important part of our family, and are the history of our society.

  37. Rebeca says:

    I think too that children are the base and the future but for all. Like a society, we have responsibility of educating the children for to create something better. The social worker have an opportunity to work with children and change their situations. For example, the child abuse or child work or people that use children for to fight in wars or to sell their body for money etc. Child care and child protection it is very important.

  38. Peter Pan says:

    If we alln agree that children are the future of a society, we should protect them and teach them how to live in society. We should worry about children learning values. However, It seems to me that sometimes we don’t worry of that and we don’t care that children have all done and they don’t learn anything. When they are teenagers, they start to have problems and now, it’s more difficult help them.

  39. E says:

    Hello everybody, I would answer the question what are the rights children should have?
    In my opinion, the children’s rights should be the same in all societies. They should have food, water, clothes, home, education , as is necessary a family that provides them stability, love and affection. Guaranteeing them this basic rights, the children will grow up in a healthy and appropriate family environment to enjoy their childhood. The children are the future, and some day our society will depend on them. Therefore it is so important to care this young group of every society, because in the future they will be adults and they will have to care other children’s generation.

  40. B153 says:


    I would like to talk about children. Children are very important because they are the men and women of the future and we should learn to think like a community, not like individual person. Furthermore, children should have home, food, education… They should live in a good family circle. If we (men and women at the moment) make an effort to try that children think like community, we will be heroes of society because we change the actual world.


  41. ghost says:

    Talking about both topics, the elderly and children, they should have the minimum of necessities covered due to the simple fact that to be humans.
    In this Society, the economy is being the most important thing and people is more concerned about to have a job,especially in this economy period.For this reason they forget other important things like to protect our elderly and children.

  42. Sender says:

    In my opinion elderly people have a lot of ways to integrate into our society, but the most important and easy is that these elderly people teach younger people. The elderly have a lot of experience and this can serve to guide young people in their lives. Finally, old people can transmit a lot of values that today they are losing.

  43. Rebeca says:

    About my opinion many persons think that they do not have problems when it is not his problem, it is annoying but it is real. Nevertheless when they cannot walk because they are an ederly person, they demand attention by the publics service because they feel that they have a problem now, and don´t think that all people young are changed at ederly people. On the contrary I want to think that the more people have changed in his thoughts and they will be more empathic with people that are in a similar situation. For this thing the values are very important in a society. One community that don´t have values or values that are worst for humans, they don´t have a relation of belonging together as persons.

  44. E says:

    Hellow everyone, I’m totally agree with many remarks of my classmate, all the members of a society should to cooperate to make it much better. So children and elderly people can enjoy the stability that they need to be a happy life and which all rights will be achieved… But it does not correspond with the truth. We live in a society which is enduring a severe slump, and many rights are violated. While all the citizens are not united in the fight for the human rights, the problem will persist.

  45. Max says:

    From my point of view, the childrem are the future of the society and the old people should educate them in values and so on.
    On the one hand, the role of social workers should be to connect young and old people. Moreover, they should achieve more attention from publics institutions for this colectives.
    On the other hand, i consider that elderly are very important, so that they take care of your grandchild when your parents cannot.
    To conclude, if we want to get a better society, we have to broke barriers generationals.

  46. Max says:

    From my point of view, the children are the future of the society and the old people should educate them in values and so on.
    On the one hand, the role of social workers should be connect young and old people. Moreover, should achieve more attention from publics institutions for this colectives.
    On the other hand, the elderly are very important, so that they take care of grandchildren, when their parents cannot.
    To conclude, we want to get a better society, we should broke the enerational barriers.

  47. Chaterine says:

    Dear colleagues,
    I think, children should have rights for example education, health care, having a decent home, no abuse.
    Consequently, states and countries have to provide some laws and rules that make us respect those rights.
    For instance, the Spanish constitution says “every child has the rights to be educate freely”.

  48. Scarlett says:

    Hello! I think that all people can be useful for society.

    Elderly people have a lot experience, they can “teach” of various areas. Childrens have creativity, imagination, capacity, etc.

    Social workers can exploit the potential of them and create more resources to attend their basic necessities.

  49. Peter Pan says:

    Hi everyone.
    I think you will agree with me: if we want to change the thinking about elderly peolple, it is necessary to teach children to respect them and explain them that elderly people could be very funny, interesting and clear. So, when they are older, they will want to participate in the community life.

    This is a long process, but it is very effective.

  50. Nigga says:

    ◾What are the rights children should have?
    I think that the children are the people that we must to protect because they are the future. All children must have a home, with a family that educate and give love to them, any children can’t pass hunger, all of them must to have food and water necesary to have a normal live without nutrition problems and one of the most important thing is the accses to de education . At finally the most important thing that we must to do is hear them to find their needs and problems and try solve it

  51. Purple says:

    My opinion about this theme is that the children have the need to be protected, because they are the future oh the society and because they are so vulnerable. THEY ARE CHILDREN!! Don’t forget. Also, with regard to the elderly people I think that they are undervalued, because in the past they are so importan in the society and now the people see them like a rubble, because they have lost them qualities. But, also, in this moment with the country’s situation the elderly people return to play a important role in their families.
    Finally, I think that is very important to teach children to respect the older people.

  52. Kate says:

    Well, when I will be a social worker and I will work with elderly. As a social worker I would provide help to cover their physical, social and emotional needs and I will use my time and my energy into them. Also, I will try that they can integrate in the society. I will do this with several techniques that help to get the objective, like to prepare activities with them and the society, to do away with stereotypes about the elderly people, etc.

  53. freedom says:

    Could you think of examples, situations and solutions that you may have to face as a social worker when dealing with children and the elderly?

    for example, that some children hasn´t got for have breakfast, and they go to school without energy for face the school day. Teachers should be observers and in this situation, they must ask help to social services and they must inform what happen to social worker.
    The social worker should analyze the children´s situation. They could use the necesary resources, for that this children can go to the school whit energy and necesary nutrition.

  54. AGD says:

    Children and the elderly are considered a vulnerable group so that the most important feature of both rights are:
    No child should be discriminated against or mistreated children should enjoy, enjoy health and have an education.
    Older people are entitled to enjoy their old age without abuse or neglect, individual aid. Not be greater rights disappear.

  55. Hanna says:

    I answer the questions how can the elderly be integrated into a society.
    I think if we want elderly people be integrated into our society we must to help them to change the system. I think is our system which has left elderly out of the society because for some of us they are useless and unproductive.
    And for that elderly people be integrated into our society we must to start for that, we have to change the idea that they are useless and learn thing about them.

  56. Sheldom says:

    How can the elderly be integrated into a society?
    The elderly are a sector of people that the society has displaced. There are some reason: the elderly can’t do things quietly, they can’t work, they lost memory, etc.
    But if the society help them, they will can help the society because in my opinion, the elderly have very vitality. they are necessary because they look after his grandchildren when the parents can do it . They support his family

  57. Rebeca says:

    I think that the elderly people aren’t carer to family only, the elderly don´t have to give love only. absolutely they love for their family it is true, but they have something most important in this dificult moment, when we are in economic crisis, they could help our country. They were living in peores moments by civil war or after war. for this reasons and more, their experience has an important value.

  58. Helen says:

    I wiil mention the rights that the children should have. All the childrens have the right to be protected against abuse and violence. They have the right to affection, love and understanig and the right to education. Also they may be protected against neglect, cruelty and explotation. They have the right to medical care and good nutrition. All children should grow up with peace and hapiness.

  59. LMM says:

    Hi dear classmates, I am going to respond the next question: “How can the elderly be integrated into a society?”.
    In this aspect, I think that the elderly have the same right that other people. Although, the society, normally, does not see it, because they think that as the elderly is a vulnerable sector. They are a senior sector and an unable, a burden on society. But, this is not so, because the old people are very wise and they can contribute a lot of with the society.

  60. ice-cream says:

    The ederly people can intengrase in society in many ways. For example, they can participate in activities of a municipality where they go hiking into the mountains, to the beach. Another way to go might be to integrate leisure centers by late afternoon there and be with people their own age. So they may feel more integrated

  61. Visa says:

    Hi all!!
    From my viewpoint, between the functions of social worker this the struggle for the rights of the children and the elderly. Therefore, as mentioned before by “Peter Pan”, is necessary to create activities where interact the children and elderly. Taking that into account, these activities should be worked for stand out their role in society

  62. star says:

    I agree with the most schoolmate, because I believe that the ederly people are our reference. However the ederly people are excluded. I think that the ederly people and the childrens are vulnerable to the social exclusión, however I consider them the most important population inside the society.
    We should help them, we shouldn’t exclude them!

  63. JaRa says:

    Good! I think older people gradually they participate more into society in centers for the elderly doing group activities such as crafts, games, theater, travel, sports and a variety of activities. Although many older cuts have the basic needs.

    • Jane says:

      In my opinion the elderly sometimes are integrated in the society and sometimes no. I think that one rights that the elderly should have is that they always can feel part of our society. The elderly should be active in the society but with activities adapted to her years.

  64. Lyon says:

    Nowadays I think that the elder is descriminated for one part of the society. Many young persons take it as a load and we are not conscious of what us exists to contributed along our life. The elder needs to feel agile in our society and it depends on our treatment of them. Even we might learn many things of the elder people about his experiences.

  65. Anna says:

    Hello !

    Well I think the ederly are abandoned in this society in which only matter vigorous and people who can work, as the government as it is not interested in keeping the elderly and only see them as a nuisance, as children, unable to work and need for teacher training, I think you should give more priority and aid them as middle age people can stand up for themselves.

  66. moustache says:

    Hello everyone:

    Children must have the right to be children. All children have the same rights. Children need to have a family protection, love, a happy childhood and a good education. The child has to go to school and live in good conditions.
    For the elderly, they should not have to make efforts to integrate, because they are people and all people have to be integrated. They are a great source of wisdom and understanding, that are needed in society, and must be treated with respect. Older people do not have to get away from society, because contact with people is good for them.

  67. DBL says:

    What are the rights children should have?
    I think that, children should have right to live in dignity. They have right to receive the necessary nutrients to grow properly, getting enough resources to get dressed, to have a place to sleep and receive the necessary education to be a person with culture in the future.

    • Rainbow says:

      Hello everyone!!
      I tnink that one rights that the elderly should have is that they always can feel part of our society. For older people to get it, would be a good idea to perform different activities, for example, travels, excursions, etc…
      In my opinion all children have right to receive education, to have a home and family, to live and to grow up in a calm atmosphere. The children always should be the first receive protection and help.

  68. Lisa says:

    Today’s society does not give our seniors the value they deserve, they are the ones who have given us the way over the years and for them is that we are here today. People think that they have nothing to contribute but that’s because not spend enough time with them if you do not discover that in a conversation with them you can learn more than a television documentary.

  69. SUN says:

    I consider that the rights that children should be universal and can accommodate each independently of the society where they live. The rights that I believe are the most important are:
    – To good nutrition
    – To care
    – To education
    – To have a decent home
    – To part of an environment according to their age
    – To be protected for the media
    There are many countries that don`t respect the rights of children so I think it`s important today.

  70. Karl says:

    I consider children have to learn throught play. Child labor should be eliminated. I believe that children should have the right to learn and go to school. Adults should let children give their point of view. Children are a vulnerable group, they have to be protected more than adults. In conclusion, the children have to play instead of work.

  71. W says:

    Nowadays, we can see increasing inequality and injustice in our society. This inequality affects especially to the most vulnerable children and the elderly.

    Human rights belong to all people: right to food, shelter, clothing, health, access to resources, etc. And also, children and elderly have specifics rights. For example, children have the right to education, protection, right to live and grown up in freedom and dignity. And elderly people have the right to protection, right to assistance, right to die with dignity, etc.

    It’s important to respect these rights for living in a more fair society.

  72. Smile says:

    I think that the best way to integrate elderly people in society is to continue to carry the same social relations that they had when they were adults. It is good for them to continue to have good social relationships, but is also important that they relate to people of all ages, because their friends can be mentally impaired, and this makes the person more frustrated.

  73. Moon says:

    In my opinion children and the elderly are very important because they represent a fundamental part of our lives. But actually elderly and children are considered by experts as vulnerables groups. They are groups dependent of other person and they need especial care. Society must protect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. We have all been children and we will all be elderly!

  74. Hommer says:

    Luckily Children are one of the groups that receive more attention and support but the problem comes when these children have no family and are found in certain institutions. Society forgets these and they do not realize that in addition to material and financial resources these children also need love.

  75. Y says:

    As I see it, children should have right to a stable home and healthy food, adequate health cares. Also, we can’t forget a minimum education which help them to become better people, and this education will make them fend for themselves in life. Finally, they must be able to socialize.
    In my opinion, the elders should have right to a dignified life. They must also have a minimum pension to live because of they are not able to work. This pension should be allowed to not go hungry and they must have a roof where they can shelter. They need to have a adecuate health care, which makes the rest of their lives as good as possible.

  76. Butterfly says:

    Today, young people and adults often we forget about the rights of older people. Older people have the same rights as anyone else. The elderly people are entitled to live happy, peaceful, accompanied and carefree. The rest of the population who should help them to feel good, because thanks to them we are who we are and we are where we are.

  77. IHS says:

    Nowadays elderly people have lost many of his rigths. In my opinion elderly people are very important in our society because all of rihts that we have now are thanks of them.
    Everyone including the elderly and children have the right to a decent life. First, children should have a good education because they are the future of our society. In addition both children and the elderly have the right to good health.
    Moreover, the elderly have the right to enjoy a good pension.

  78. PEACE says:

    The rihgts for children must being universal, being respected by everyone and being punished in case of fail to comply with them. Every children should have nourishment, somebody that look after them preferably a relative, a comfortable home, clothes, hygiene, acess to healthy help, and a good education. Nowadays should be forbidden that some children have to work and don`t give up their education.

  79. Willy says:

    Hello to everybody, i think that the roles that a social worker should have to assist children are to have the will to fight so that children with problems can have a better future. The main thing is to help them solve this dilemma.
    Concerning old people, we have to work so that their good quality life lasts forever. In order to do that we have to avoid leaving them alone or having dependence problems. Ultimately, giving them a last pleasant stage and not a charge.

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