3. Your Fictional Anecdotes

Dear all,

It’s time for a bit of creation. I invite you all to make up a fictional anecdote. I would suggest writing between 6-10 simple sentences with a subject, a verb and complements. They should be written in past tense (that is mainly past simple and maybe, past continuous). I would give you a sample model below but other paragraph structures are also welcome. Remember that anecdotes usually answer the questions “why” and “how”. I would also recommend writing your anecdotes with the information shown in bold below (it refers to “where” and “when”). I hope you enjoy this creative writing experience.

It happened on 8th March, 2052 while I was living in South Africa. It was a normal day until I entered the coffee shop. I ordered a medium latte to take away and there it was. I saw it on the floor. It was an old envelope with a 7 (my favourite number) written in purple ink (my favourite colour). I immediately picked it up and opened it. For my surprise, it was a flying ticket for me to visit my friend George on his birthday party in Bahamas. George knew my daily routine and found the way to grab my attention in a such a way that I’d never forget. The coffee shop manager obviously knew about it. And I couldn’t resist the tentation. I flew to Bahamas and spent a beautiful week there with lovely George and some friends.

A coffee shop

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74 Responses to 3. Your Fictional Anecdotes

  1. Daisy says:

    It happened on 13th September, 1930 while I was walking through the already so popular and long streets of New York. Suddenly, I stopped in front of a window of a bookstore, and a book in particular caught my attention. The book had a title that sounded me familiar. I went in search to satisfy my curiosity. The clerk brought it to me so I could look it over. I suddenly realized why I felt that I knew it, I knew everything that the book said. It was my book, I had written it so many years ago, when I went to high school and I never knew of its publication. Turned out that I had a book of mine, so many people had read it and had felt the same as me writing it. The confusion invaded me, but also a great satisfaction. For a while the world had had a part of me. I smiled, closed the book and then…. I left.

  2. Uruk says:

    It happened on 12th April,2005 while I was having lunch with my parents. The telephone sounded and I answered and someone gave to me a great news. I won a scolarship for study in London.
    On March , I was living in London in a house of students . I learned a lot of English in the time that I spent in London and I knew a lot of people and many extraordinary places like London Eye,

    I was there eight months but without my parents and for this reason I was very sad…But one day when I woke up I listened noises that were coming from de living room. They were my parents . It was a fantastic day.
    My experience in London was beatiful and I will return.

  3. ASM says:

    I happened on 25th September, 2011, when I was go to de Eastbourn, and I was go to the school, for I learned inglish.

    First, for the morning, I was go to the school with my classmate, but In the Evening, when I finished the school, I came back home only and I get lost.
    And I was worried, but I walked for the city, since I find the classmate, and they was go to the home, with me, and I was happy, and I said for their, “thank you very much”.

    That fright, beaucause I was in other city,and I don´t know the place.

  4. Nathan says:

    It happened on 15th March, 2010 while I was living in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia).
    It was my birthday´s day and I had to go to buy some things in order to celebrate my birthday. So, I called a friend and we both went to do the shopping.
    We were walking in the street, talking about degree´s exams, when, suddenly, we saw that two men with black clothes were leaving a bank with two guns. Everybody was shouting and we started to run until we arrived at home.
    A few days later we were informed that those two men were shooting a film.

  5. E says:

    It happened on 23th, December, 1949, while I was travelling to Barcelona. I was 15 years old and it was the first time I traveled away my country. My sister and I visited a typical market where there were nice things. While I was walking and enjoying the atmosphere, I could hear the children who were playing and laughing. Suddenly, I stoped. Something caught my attention in one of the stalls. I saw a black bracelet with some red accesories. It was so beautiful. I tried it on and really liked me how it looked on my hand, but I had not enough money, so I could not buy it. Three months later arrived my birthday, March 8th, all my friends came to my house. When I opened the last present I was very surprised. My sister had given me the bracelet that I had seen.

  6. Ynrd says:

    It happened on 23th May, 2085 while I was living in the moon. It was a normal day when I went to work. I worked hard all day in the spacecraft when I decided take a break and go outside. I put the special suit and went for a walked on the moon. I walked away from the spaceship and I decided to explore new territories. Then, I saw to fall something in the moon and I ran for see it. It was an alien spacecraft. The alien spacecraft has got a beautiful alien, he told me his name: Brad Pitt. It was love at first sight. Nowadays, we have got a beautiful family and we are living on Mars.

  7. rvd says:

    It happened on 14th July, 199O. I was travelling from Lisboa to Sidney. When I arrive at Sidney airport. I could see to Brad Pitt. in that moment I remembered that my Teacher of English loved him. I went to where he was and I told all to him. He was very surprised, in that moment he gave me a message for her. he said me he would like to meet her and give her a lot of kisses. 6 month later I arrive to Spain. When I gave the Brad Pitt´s message to my teacher, she couldn´t believe it.
    then I showed her a photo dedicated to her. She was happy. since then she takes that picture to everywhere..

  8. Anillo says:

    It happened on 24th April, 3089 while I was living in the moon. It was a normal day in this planet and I I drove to the Nasa Station. When I arrived to this place I waited for my best friend, Elisabeth and she wasn´t coming. I saw the watch twenty times but Elisabeth didn’t come to the place. I was very nervous because she was very responsible and she didn’t answer the virtual telephone. First I didn’t know but I later knew that she didn’t come because her alien boyfriend visited her and together traveled to Saturn. For my surprise, I saw how they were flying in a carpet. They invited me to travel and I accepted. Now I am very grateful with them for this incredible day.

  9. Marion says:

    It happened on 18th July, 2009 while we were of summer holidays in Canada for ascholarship for to learn english. The first day, when I and Rosy went to university for to start the class, (we took the bus following the directions of family for arrived there), when we losted. Every it were very chaotic, because we asked help the driver, and he stopped the bus for to ask every people inside bus if they knew the name of this street. We were very embarrassed, because everybody saw for we. Finally, we never knew the stop that it was. Always, we stopped one stop before or after of the it was. For my surprise, the next days the family very lovely started to wait in the stop for we. We don´t believe yet, because we had the map and we couldn´t stop in the right place. Every the stop were identical. It was terrible!

  10. Maggie says:

    It happened on 24th August, 2107 while I was spending the summer in a beach house. This day, I saw a boy that I never had seen in this place. I was curious to know who it was him, but I did not dare ask. That night, I went to the square and he was there with his brother.
    In one moment, he came to me and asked my name. That was the beginning of a beautiful love history.
    The days passed and we were always together. When I was with him, the time passed very quicky and, at the same time, it stopped. It was wonderful. It was like I knew him for a lifetime.
    Moreover, it came the day of parting. I was very sad, because y knew that nothing would be the same. He went to work to Madrid, and little by little we grew apart.
    He started a family and our history is over. Despite that, I will always remember him. He was my first love.

  11. Max says:

    It happened on 17th on July, 2010, while I was visiting Italy.
    I was walking in Roma, more exactly, by theTrevi fountain. I Following the customs, I throwed some cash in the fountain and I asked one desire.
    I wished that some person showed me one marvelous place of Roma.
    Suddenly, one hands touched me shoulder, she had green eyes, she was blond whith long hair and his lips drew a beautiful smile.
    After our presentation, she said that knew the most beautiful place of Roma. So, we went to a hill near to the Colisuem and we saw the sunset. We were talking about history of Coliseum, too. Besides, we ate pizza and we drank Coca-cola. Truely, the time was stopped for me during some hours.
    Really, I hope come back some day, because there, I fell in love to her.

  12. Purple says:

    It happened on 11th February, 2008 while I was living in New York. I was having lunch with my friends and suddenly I watched to Channing Tatum, my love. He smiled me and he walked to me and he started to talk me. After few minutes talking with me, he invited me to dinner and immediately I ask YES!! In the night Channing went to pick me and we go to dinner. Was the best night of my live, we were laughing, talking and it was so funny. Finally, I couldn’t stay in my bed because I had to go to school and I woke up.

  13. Kate says:

    It happened on 31 th December, 1920 when I went to a  New Year’s Day party. Well, I went into the ballroom and I saw him. There he was, with his dinner jacket, his black bow tie and that red flower on the pocket. I was shocked and he came where I was. We was talking about a lot of things and when the party finished I knew that I had met the love of my life.

  14. Mss Smith says:

    It happened on 28tTh October,2010 when I was in bilbao cultural exchange with my classmates. One day we were doing cultural visit in the middle, we passed our days.

    One afternoon the teacher had said that we had the afternoon off that we were to buy, or look things in the midle. Then we had to go to the hostel where we we were running out of the teacher.This afternoon, me and a mate lost it to the class group, and we were walking alone through a city we did not know , and it was very cold and we were afraid.

    Until we get to the hostel and all was a bad experience.

  15. Chaterine says:

    It happened on 20 th February, 1940 I was travelling throughout Turkey when a goldfish turned up and it spoke to me. It asked for a favour. That favour was: I had to sing and dance an isa, a Canarian folk dance. It promised me a flying carpet, if I did it.
    Firstly, I was afraid because zocalo of Istanbul was overcrowded and I used to be really shy. After a while I decided to do it. So, that goldfish gave me my flying carpet.
    Therefore, If you find a goldfish, just dance an isa, an you will have your own flying carpet. You will be really happy with the carpet because it is very cheap, ecological and also easy to park.

  16. S.W says:

    It happened on 16th February, 2013 while I was in love.
    After four years to relationship, a monday my boyfriend said me ”The friday I will go to United States for play football”. He was a very important player football in Eslovenia and a football team to United States called he for that he will go to there.
    I was very sad and angry because he left me here. He sent me letters, and said me that I go with he. I asked her: ”What do I do in United States?” and he said me: ”You can make the housework”…. I was….!!!!???
    I immediately I said: ”You’re crazy, I stay in my home, bye” and I’ couldn’t forgive him never.

  17. J says:

    It happened on 8th August, 2012. I was on the beach enjoying the holidays. When a group of people running towards me with a banner that says: You’re the winner! I asked surprised that it was.
    They told me I had won a shopping weekend in New York with Victoria Beckham. I surprised ran to my house to prepare the bag and Victoria Beckham later came to take me in her limousine. An incredible weekend!

  18. Rose says:

    It happened on 16th December, 2005 while I was living in Belfast with my best friend. That evening was freezing and we were inside the bed speaking. Suddenly, something crashed into the window. We looked at it and we realized it was snowing. We immediately jumped up, got dress and went out. We were happy and excited because we had never seen snow before. I couldn´t stop jumping. It was a lovely and magic day.

  19. ghost says:

    It happened in June 2013, when I was coming back to home from university in the bus. I remember that I didn’t felt very well, I was cheerless and very nervous because I had had a final exam and was very difficult. While I was thinking and thinking about my exam I felt that an elderly man that was sitting next to me was looking at me all time. First It was being very uncomfortable and I asked him why he was looking at me all moment, and he replied, with tears in his eyes, that I really was like her wife when she was young, she died ten years a go in Cuba. He said me that I changed his day and that he was excited to have met me. After that, he gave me a candy and was my bus stop.
    I will never forget this moment, because it teached me that nothing is what it seems and that the life have special moments that we must enjoy.

  20. Taylor says:

    It was the winter of year 2000. People said that it was “The age of technology”, but I saw the world equal. I began to walk around the Manhattan’s streets, something that it didn’t prevent nor the night nor cold. While I was walking, I thought about my life, about what I would like to do in the future, about my expectations for that year and all types of questions that all people think when the new year begin. I was very concentrated in my thinking that not even I did stop to see the shoe showcase. But when I was reflecting about my preferences, suddenly a specific showcase had called my attention. It was the showcase of a videogames shop. Something inside me said that I must enter the store, while my mind was asking itself “why I must enter here if I don’t like the videogames?”. Ultimately I entered and began to see the shelvings. I didn’t knew what I was doing in this place, it was incomprehensible for me. When I was going out, I saw him. In this moment, I understood why I entered in the shop. My plans had changed and then I knew with who I would want to pass my next Saint Valentine.

  21. Celi17 says:

    It happened on 8th November, 1995 when I was a little girl on my way home while I was talking with my friends. Suddenly a big dog crossed in front of me and as I didn’t see him I tripped with his lead and I fell down to the ground. I immediately turned to my left and there were my friends laughing very loud because the boy I used to like was just behind me. That situation was very embarrassing for me.

  22. DRF says:

    It happened on 20th August,2255 while i was living in Gran Canaria with my family. I was driving my plane when suddenly i look out the window and saw a person who was calling me. I decided to stop my plane and went to talk to the person who was calling me. I immediately when i was walking towards that person, he disappeared, I couldn t believe.
    I didn´t understand anything but i had to get on with my life. I suddenly woke up and saw that it was all a dream. It had all been a dream, but who was that person ?

  23. Kay-Kay says:

    It happene on April 8 tch, 2877, while I was driving to work. I was living in a new city, in a new planet. I was too distracted to realize that I had the wrong address when I stopped the car. I i nmediality saw it was not Kritech or any planet where I had been before. It was all green and brown, trees, flowers and a beautiful blue sky. I was on Earth and heard a baby crying. I went into his room and sang to the baby as my mother did when I was little.
    I could not stay there, so I left when she fell asleep. I got in my car when I heard the girl craying again. I came back from the window and saw a young woman singing to the baby. That young woman looked exactly like my grandmother.

  24. Code.M says:

    It happened on March 15, 2019, while I was walking with my sister, a older man with an Italian accent came up to us, we saw that he was very nervous but we did not understand him. However, he could tell us with some words in Spanish and gestures that he urgently needed a mobile, but my sister did not agree to leave the mobile phone because she thought it was a trap to steal my mobile, but we saw that man was very scared and desperate, so I decided to leave the mobile, the man made a call, thanked us and left running, and my sister and I were confused.
    When we were having dinner at home, my mother told us that her friend’s father had a big scare, when I heard the story I realized that coincide with our story, my mother described to the man, and I was right, the man had been almost two hours looking for his grandson because he had lost sight. The child, scared, because he did not find his grandfather, he decided to go home because her father was there, the family tried to call the grandfather but he had forgotten the mobile, and thanks to the decision he took, he learned that his grandson was at home safely. Grandfather had thought the worst at that time and this prevented him think that the child had come home….luckily everything went well.

  25. Roxanne says:

    It happend on 9th September, 1879, while I was on holidays in U.S. There I met a man very intelligent and hansome. We both liked science and we had incredible ideas. I just know that I was a mistake, to speak about my future invention: the bulb. He promised to save me the secret.
    Finally, when I returned to Spain everyworld talking about a new invention: the bulb, created by a men called Thomas Edison. Yes….he was just that man I met in the summer in the U.S. And this is story of how Edison became fampus thanks for me!

  26. Ainafetse says:

    It happened on 22th october, 2007, while I was alone at home with a friend. In my house you hear everything, it was night, my mother hadn’t arrived to my house yet and was the key. Immediately my friend and I started to hear many noises in my house, as if someone was in it. I began to hear someone climb the stairs of my house and went to close the door of my room key. That person came and began to force the door hits. I looked out the window the window to search the car of my mother but was not and there was no one on the street. Finally my friend decided to go to look at who was, if she recognized the voice and to our surprise, it was my mother very angry. She had arrived without warning and parked on the other side. When my mother came and we told him what had happened, he did not stop laughing. It was an unforgettable night.

  27. freedom says:

    It happened on last weekend, while I was walking in my street. I was talking on my cell phone and suddenly he appeared. He was like an angel,like a greek sculpture, totally perfect. His hair looked almost like gold, his eyes were delicate as crystals. I knew that I’ve immediately fallen in love with that guy. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt as if I was flying in the air. I wanted to talk to him but, I didn´t know how.Then I decided to be brave and I went to where he was. I smiled to him and he smiled back, but that was the moment when my alarm rang and I woke up in my bed.

  28. thursday says:

    Today is 12th of december 2014. I remember when I was in Germany with Lucía, my best friend. We was livinf in a flat located in the down town. Our rutine was: wake up, go to the university and enjoy ourselves dancing breaking and popping. In spite of the cold we went across the town.
    We met a lot of really cool people.
    There we improved the language and the pronounciation above all.
    We lived an exited experience when we participated in a jazz-musical. Both was singer and dancer. When it finished everybody congratulated us. All of us was crying because 10 hours later we was arriving at home in Gran Canaria,

  29. AGD says:

    It happened on 26th July, 1980 while I was living in Las Palmas. I got a call a few friends to go to neighborhood parties. I did not really want to go, my father died and I was declined. My friends came to me and convinced me, got dressed and headed to the square. When I arrived I noticed a cute girl in a red dress but I was not brave enough to approach her.
    Immediately I notice his eyes and see how he approaches me, asks my name and try to talk me out … was at the time of her eyes when I realized that she was the woman of my life and that she would be extremely happy for the rest of my life.

  30. MPI92 says:

    all occurred on November 3, 1992 . It was a Saturday night like any other, I preraba me any Saturday to go out with friends party .
    spent Saturday night like any other night out, but as he passed the night passed .
    I had never believed in love , it’s already had suffered numerous disappointments . delivery but spent a guy at the party that caused a strong feeling in me.
    That had never happened .
    We both look and approach . everything was unexpected and didnot like happened but it happened.
    Saturday night that changed my life suddenly . we did not know anything but we looked like we knew each lifetime.
    estubimos hours talking nonstop.
    from that day we were split up eight months together day after day without separate , was something special that we’d never experienced before , but suddenly one day everything changed unexpectedly . as we did not know what had happened , he disappeared . one day we parted and we saw each other more . the disappeared left without saying goodbye.
    since that day I have not to believe in love, and I remember it fondly , I experienced things I had never experienced before.
    It was a beautiful love story was short but intense.

  31. JQG says:

    This history of love begins in Paris in the year 2000. I was studying there the native language, since always I had liked me and now I had the opportunity to learn it.
    It was wonderful February 14, was a really cold winter. I was alone in my house and I decided to put on a coat and to go out give a return.
    While I was walking along the streets of Paris, I saw that February 14 for the people was a special day, the day of the love. I continued walking and come to favorite place, The Tower Eifel.
    I raised the highest of the tower, since I wanted to see the city with eyes of bird.
    There had many persons there, but I never thought to be there to the man who would steal the heart from myself.
    He was a very smart and handsome man, our looks crossed and it was at the moment when I understood the real meaning of February 14, Valentine’s Day.

  32. Peter Pan says:

    I want to tell you the day that I coincided with my favourite singer. It was in 2011, I went to Madrid alone because she only gave a concert there in Spain. I met the hotel where she had been before and I managed to raise the money to stay there, thinking that, maybe, she returns. In the morning, as I was only and I knew de city, I didn’t want to do turism. Therefore, I went to the gym. Such was my suprise that while I was in the mechanical tape and seeing the TV, she got in. We start the conversation after I fell down. We were talking for a long time, I said to her I am canary and I had seen her when she cames to Las Palmas. I also said to her that I was alone in Madrid to see her in the concert. I ask her that in the next tour, she returns to Las Palmas. She was very nice and friendly with me. I will never forget that day.

  33. Hanna says:

    It happened on 16th March, 1930, while I was living in New Orleans. I was with a few friends and for fun we went to “The Coven”. “The Coven” was an old house where witches lived. In the town said this house was haunted by the ghosts of the witches.
    When we got there, we decided to go into, but nothing happened. We came back other day but nothing happened. On third time I was alone to the house and happened something that I never will understand. When I went into the house I started to investigate it and I found a hidden room. I opened the door and went into the room, then, I saw a book on the floor. I opened the book and I immediately felt shiver. I read the first page of book and suddenly the floor and the walls shake. The objects started to move and I started to hear voices. I run away from there. When I was on the street I realized that everything was different. There was building, news cars, different clothes and other things.
    What happened was I traveled in time, to 2013 and I couldn´t back my time.

  34. Dakota says:

    It happened on 16th April,1980 while I was living in EEUU. This day was very special for me, because I was walking in the Walk of Fame when suddenly I saw the star of Michael Jackson. Then I put out the camera and took the photo.
    I remember that in this moment I felt that special something was happening, because I looked the end of the street and it began to come many paparazzi. I stayed very surprised because behind of them appeared Michael Jackson. The situation invaded me and I went to make me an autograph very fast but his security guards didn´t let me do it, but even so I remember this day as one of days more exiting of my live.

  35. Blue says:

    This is a love history. In 1998 Kate, was a child of nine years old. Her parents moved to another city to live, so, she changed of school. She was a quiet girl, but school´s children were very bad with she.
    On the way to go to school, she was always encountered with a kid of her school. The child offended and he insulted to she.
    After many years, they were met for another friend. In this moment. they were not acknowledged. When, they started talk, they remembered what happended when they were kids anf they laughed.
    In this moment, He is the boyfriend´s Kate since for six years.

  36. B153 says:

    It happened on 13th June, 1992 while I was in my mum’s tummy. I was scared because the place was very dark and I couldn’t go out. One day, I heard voices and I was afraid because I couldn’t see where it came. Since then, I always heard those voices and it was a routine for me. Little by little, it began to like me because their words were sweet, funny, beautiful and… it was words for me! Sometimes, I didn’t hear nothing, so I gave little kicks and then, they came and they spoke and laughed with me. I immediately wanted to know who they were and they wanted to know who I was. And the big day finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier. On 15th March, 1993 I met these wonderful persons, my parents.

  37. Mary-Kate says:

    It happened on 28th of April, 1999 I was walking with my mother I saw an alien. My mother and I went closer and the alien talked us and he asked us a few questions.
    He asked where he was an if we wanted to go for a ride in his spaceships.We flew with the alien to another planet. There were extrange animals, and food.
    The alien gave us a very tasty fruit and many presents. He flew us back to the earth and he go went way.
    And that was my paranormal stpry.

  38. Sheldom says:

    It happened on 16th of December, 1996 while I was living in Canada. It was rainning heavily and I was going to visit my grandmother but I lost the way. I scared and looked in all direction. There was nobody. I stopped running and sat down in a bench that was covered by tree.
    So, a ray of sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the shape. It was my grandmother. I inmediately went to her but I couldn’t touch her. It was ghost. She told me that at that sidewalk was where she found me twenty years ago. I slept on the street that night.
    The next morning, the police announced me that my grandmother died last night.
    I loved my grandmother so much… but now I have to be strong and discover who I am really and why she hided that information for long time

  39. Rebeca says:

    It happened on 31th of December on 2010 while I was living in London. This was the last day of that year and the last of my life. While I was going to the feast of New Year, it began to snow. I wore a blue pretty and elegant dress with high heeled shoes and a difficult and expensive hairstyle.
    The floor was damp and I fell. When I stood up I saw more people than is normal in this date, I saw one man in special that he walking in the street, looking something in sky. Immediately I approached slowly and I asked his, why did you stay in street in this date? And he answered me: ¿Do you see me? ¿can you listen me? I was scaring and I went fast. When I arrived to feast the man of street was in there. I couldn’t believe me. He went and came back again and again and while I was listening his voice that it saying me: help me! I have to rest but I can´t. I was terrified and confused. Finally one elderly woman came to me and she said me: you must go where the snow did that you fallen, I hope that you have good luck, run! I was running and I stopped short. My body was in the floor, there were much people around me and I could feel how one person did that my heart beat again.
    My life was complete again for the help other persons in specially the people that they saw me. I hope that they might be found their way. Something told me that they found it.

  40. brisby says:

    It happened on 21th April, 2008 while Mary was living in the countryside. She liked animals and everyday was going to walk the forest. One day when she was walking in the forest found a red apple that had a amazing appearance and Mary ate it. When she was walking to her home she felt that something had changed in her body because she could understand the language of the animals. Mary became friend of them and that was her secret.

  41. Helen says:

    It happened on 25th August, 2013 while I was visiting a friend in Barcelona. I was taking a walk thinking how nice would be to live in that city. I had to return to Las Palmas in two days and I was very unhappy. Then somenthing happened. One old man cames to me and said “Good things happen to those who wait for it, but the best things happen to those who fight for what they want”, after saying that he left. That sentence change my life. I fought for my dream and now I live in Barcelona and I am very happy.

  42. LMM says:

    It happened on 21th November,1988. It was a normal Friday in my life until I entered the shopping center. I was walking with my little rabbit. When suddenly, it coming out of a shop came the love of my life. I kept looking at it. Suddenly, he looked to me. From, that day we are together. Since, I am the happinest woman to the world.

  43. ice-cream says:

    It happened on on October 28, 2010, while I was living in Barcelona. this was a normal day. I took the train to go to college and every day. I remember that day was full and I was a bit saturated. Greater person next to me sat, namely, a man with white hair and good looking. Inmediatly me the man began to talk about life, gave me advice and told me many things that I only knew about me. I also remember that he told me what I was studying and not to worry that consideration today would me. I scared just saying that if his head. Just be low on my bus stop and cross back, but when I looked it was gone. It disappeared as if it had never been here. I could not believe it and when I told my friends thought I was crazy. Since that day I have not seen more and so I think it was an.

  44. Visa says:

    It happened 20th December, 2020, was approaching Christmas dates, when i was walking for one busy street, i found me with a person who turned me family. I detube and told “sorry your face is family for me, i you know of something? And he answered “Yes, i am Mateo, we were together in school, you remember?
    We went to a nearby coffee shop and we spent the afternoon remembering old stories us of when we were childrens.

  45. star says:

    This history happened on July 21, 1957. I was a very nice young woman. I had many friends, but I had one that he was very special. For eight years he was saying to myself: ” I love You, I need you in my life “; I did not believe these words, and I was laughing … after many years, he stopped loving me, and was at the time when I realized that I wanted it and needed it. I called it, we speak… We went to the most beautiful beach and walked for hours, we looked at the moon, we were listening to the waves of the sea … and I joust then, He took the hand and…we love ourselves!

  46. Willy says:

    It happened on 15th August, 2010 while I was living in Mogan. Me and some friends decided to walk to a remote beach where not many people have gone. The beach is called “Güi Güi” and is hidden in the ravines. We were walking for a long time coming, but finally we got to the sand. Immediately we saw something in the sand, We get closer and saw it was an old trunk like a treasure. The trunk had many old gold coins that we split between us.

  47. Sender says:

    It happened on 12 March, 2008, while I was celebrating my 18 birthday. My friends had prepared a beach party. It was very hot and we decided to take a dip. When I left the water I went to my towel to sunbathe and I saw a girl in it. I said “hello” but she didn´t respond, then I touched her shoulder and she opened her eyes and turned. I couldn´t believe! She was Megane Fox, my favorite actress. She smiled me and said: “Hello my love” she kissed me while saying “I’m your birthday present”.

  48. Blue says:

    One day, I was walking in the Street, when suddenly I saw something moves. I went to look and I saw a dog under a car. I picked it up and I went to the VET but they couldn’t help me because they couldn’t find its owner?? After, I called to the police but they told me that they couldn’t do anything, so I had to leave the dog and I was very. Finally, I returned the dog when I found it and I returned to my home very sad.

  49. Sunshine says:

    It happened on April 4th, 2020. In school plays are performed all courses, I loved to act, interpret…One day, among the people who were watching the play, a man find “scout”.
    When finished the work approached me and told me he played very well, and that if I wanted to get to call him to stardom.
    Past few, I called him. From that day changed me life, I began to participate in series, american movies…and I finally met my favorite actors, all I had known.

  50. Jane says:

    I happened on 3th July, 2001 while I was living in New York. I was receiving class of dancing equal that all days. I had two hours dancing and missing half an hours to the class finish. Suddenly, a woman entered in my class and asked for me. She asked me that if I could exit the class ten minutes. When I exited of class, she said me that she wanted me for dance in her company. For my surprise, her company was international. I was very happy and I anxious for started.

  51. Lyon says:

    I obtained to reach my dream of studying journalism. I´m doing the practices for a program of radio and they contracted me to comment on the matchs of the UD. Las Palmas. It was something wonderful because my dream from child has been and will be the journalism.

  52. PEACE says:

    It was this summer while I was on the beach. I was lying sunbathing on the sand when I heard a shout and quickly I got up so scared. In that moment I realized that it was a caution shout when I saw a ball coming directly to my face. I woke up surrounded by people looking at me really worried. When everybody saw that I was fine they told me that I fell unconscious when the ball hit me in the face. I felt really embarrassed! Definitely, the worst beach day ever.

  53. Anna says:

    Ocurred some time ago, in the U.S., I was walking down the street and found myself pulled a paper with a written initial “V and S” I was quite sorprised it was as if something or someone wanted to tell me something through taht small role, I wanted to investigate, was on the streets looking for something about the role, but found nothing, pass a few days, and nothing, one day left my house in the direction of the market and that was my sourprise, I found a poster with the initials V and S Vegetable and sweet, was ironic, I thought that fate had given me a murder case being as only a meeting place to buy.

  54. moustache says:

    Hello everyone:
    Let me tell you a story if it really happened. I was 14 and I was to “La Graciosa” with the family. My 14 year old cousin, my cousin and my 13 year old 15 year old brother rented a bike. We left at 11am to go around the island. We bathe in beaches, we did picnic, play, etc.. When it started to get dark my cousin wanted to take a short cut stone. Without realizing it we got under a mountain and the sea we rose to touch our feet. With bikes in arms started walking scared. The phone had no coverage and our parents worried. At 2am the Civil Guard found the boat with us and took us home. That day had very afraid but today we remember him as a great adventure.

  55. Vin Diesel says:

    It happened on September, 2013 while I was paying attention in class. Few days ago, two of my friends had left the university because they went abroad and Marie and I missed them so much. At first we felt alone and lost in that enormous class. It was a normal day, while a teacher was telling us thet we must do group of siz members to do a proyect, Marie and me looked lost each other. Suddenly, two people appeared in front of us, liked angels, offering they help. All together stard to share beautiful moments and this time I discovered that the best friendship don’t look for, only it appears anywhere, any moment.

  56. DBL says:

    It happened on 5th December, 2025 while I was living in London. It was a very cold day and I decided to stay at bed with my old violet velvet blanket. I was really bored drinking a hot chocolate and watching a film. Suddenly I heard my mobile phone ringing and so listless, I got up and walked to it. When I picked up my phone, someone with a very sweet voice asked me.
    – Hello, I would like to talk with DBL ! Then, I with a little confusion, answered – Yes, I am !
    For my surprise it was the secretary of Columbia University and she report me that I was admitted at Psychology Faculty of the Columbia’s University.
    Now I remember that those was the best year of my life!

  57. Snow says:

    It happened on 21th September, 2010 while my friends and me where on a typical party of our village. This party is about go down a mountain and drinking wine. When we were in the middle of the way one of my friends fall douwn some stairs and she broke her leg and the ambulance has to pick her up to go to the hospital. After that we took her to home and her mother was so affraid. Every year, when we go to this party, we remember this accident and my friend remember that she has to stopped to drink wine.

  58. Lisa says:

    This came on January 4, 1993. Turns out I was so quiet in the library and my best friends convinced me to go for a walk. When we got to the right place wonderful things started, we were heading to a store and we split an excuse quite normal, one would greet another friend. It turns out that when we are all together again start to happen very strange things, coded messages, looks and laughs do not understand and when I want to realize my hand a ticket to go see what will be the most charming story of my recent years, I have left each of them silly laugh, I jump, I get excited and I look, they are amazing, they are my best friends.

  59. SUN says:

    It happened on 5th February the day of my birthday. At five o’clock in the afternoon, my sister arrived home with a gift for me.
    I took a great surprise, it was a ticket to Seville to go to the fair. I don`t like planes but I was excited. It was a very fun experience that I would like to repeat.I went mi my sister and cousin.
    I learned to dance Seville, probed the rebujito, ate a lot of much and also with a great weather.
    If you have the opportunity to fly to this party, I recommend you.

  60. FGV says:

    It happened on 26th July, 2007 while I was travelling in Rome. I always wanted to visit Italy, because it is my favourite country. I always thought that it is a wonderfull place. It was a nice day and I went to the coliseum. I was walk when someone touched my shoulder.
    I immediately turned around and I saw the most handsome boy I had seen in my life. He gave me my jacket, because I forgot on a bench in the entrance. I said thank you and he went. But for my surprise, he was waiting for me at the entrance.
    And I couldn’t resist the tentation. We went to the coffe shop and we were talking all the evening. I spend the best holidays accompanied by taylor, who to this day is my partner.

  61. Tula says:

    Today is the right moment to write story. It happened yesterday. Me and some friends goes to Las Palmas to see the three wise men. I felt like a child, however. I can´t believe what will hapepens. All people at the street knows me. I felt like magical princess. All of them send me kisses and laugh my name. Few minutes later I got up again and stay in my bed fully of flu.

  62. Karl says:

    It happened on 12th september, 2011 while I was late for class. I just change my studies and I was the first day of the new career. I had not place as I sat next to a very nice girl. The next day, I returned late and sat next to the same girl. After a time, we were and we met more. Today she is the most special people in my life.

  63. Smile says:

    It happened on 3th August, 2012. I was on my beach house looking the sea at sunset. I went for a walk to feel the warm sand on my feet, I liked walking while listening to the gentle waves of the sea. While I was relaxing walking on the beach, I heard a voice that was familiar to me, so I turned and I saw him. He was sitting there looking at me. He was the person who I wanted to see, the person that I most loved and with whom I could not be. I ran to him and hugged him, we could talk for hours, laughing and remembering the best moments we had spent together. We were having a great time, then he looked at me for said something very important … and that’s when I woke up.

  64. Scarlett says:

    It happened on 24th December, 2005 when I was in Lapland, I went to know Santa Claus. I looked everywhere for him but I didn’t find him. I asked your neighbors, everybody knew him and they gave me the phone number of his office.
    Immediately, I called:
    – Hello, good morning. Is Santa Claus?.
    – Good morning, I am the assistant. He is working, Today is Christmas!. Keep calm, You say your message me and will see you soon.
    – My dream was to know him. (I hadn’t expectation and I hung up the telephone).
    The next day, I was sleeping in the hotel and someone rang the door. Santa Claus!. He had reserved all day long to be with me, it was wonderful!.

  65. Hommer says:

    It was a cold January day in 2013. The year began badly for me. After a rough patch with my
    girlfriend we decided to break off the relationship. It was a blow but it helped me to see who would be supporting me. The exams of University were closed and I could not concentrate and I could only pass two of these exams. The year went on I was able to cheer up step by step. In that time, I met wonderful people who got me open my eyes. Today, I can say I am proud to have them next to me. Finally, it began like a never-ending dark, it finished with a ray of light.

  66. Hommer says:

    It was a cold January day in 2013. The year began badly for me. After a rough patch with my
    girlfriend we decided to break off the relationship. It was a blow but it helped me to see who
    would be supporting me. The exams of University were closed and I could not
    concentrate and I could only pass two of these exams. The year went on I was able to cheer up
    step by step. In that time, I met wonderful people who got me open my eyes. Today, I can say I
    am proud to have them next to me. Finally, it began like a never-ending dark, it finished with
    a ray of light.

  67. Butterfly says:

    It happened on 6th July, 2012, when some friends and I were at the beach. The day had gone smoothly, until we decided to get into the water even though we knew that there were jellyfish. After a few minutes in the water, Susan was stung by a jellyfish. Kate and me tried to call the lifeguard to help us but he didn’t see us. Suddenly a guy came and took Susan to the seashore. Finally everything was a scare. On 6th July was not all bad for Susan because from that day she began to meet this guy, Peter, and to this day have a beautiful relationship.

  68. Y says:

    It happened in the year 2000 it was twenty years. One day I went out with my friend Pedro by Triana to buy in the sales and that’s when it happened. In the moment that we were going to buy a jeans we heard an alarm from the shop and it was that a man was trying to steal. The man saw that the alarm went off and he ran to the door of the shop and, at that moment, an older woman about seventy five years hit him with her bag pulling it down and the security man could catch him. That day the saleswoman invited the old woman to buy everything she wanted and she had in all clothing 70% discount.

  69. IHS says:

    It happened six summers ago. I was visited my grandmother in Hawai. When I went out for walk around the beach I met a childhood friend. She was getting married so she invited me. I was very happy. I accepted the invitation and I extended my stay on the island for two weeks more. It was a great summer. I saw my grandmother and my childhood friend and also I could also went to her wedding.

  70. Pink says:

    This happened on November 7, 2005. I walked down the street and started to rain as I hadn’t umbrella. I started running. I saw on the road a frightened dog. The dog was black and small. I took the road dog and took it home to dry it. I asked my mother if I could stay with him because he was abandoned. From that day Perry is at home and is very happy.

  71. Moon says:

    It happened 18th June, 2010. I was excited because it was the day of my burder. I fringed as sociocultural animation technique. My collegues and I had organized the event with much illusion for our families, friends and teachers. Finally, the border went great and we overcome all our prospects. We felt very proud of our achievements and we will still left the fringe party. The party was in a very popular nightclub of the city wich guaranteed fun. During the party police began to enter the disco and then the music stop. The dj said that nobody could leave the disco and they would make a police record. At first, I though it was a lie and it was a show, but I wrong. Finally, the cops let us go out and my collegues and I went to breakfast. Now we laugh at this situation.

  72. Dawn says:

    It happened on 18th September,2058 while two friends were walking along the beach. In one of theirs steps they found a bottle with a message inside. The message was a love letter from a sailor who left his wife at home. The letter was old and broken. They read the letter with sad, it was a farewell letter. Suddenly, looking at the signature at the end of the letter they realized that it was the grandfather of one of them.

  73. Conny says:

    It was summer, it was very hot and the sun was shining all the time. The school ended for Caroline who was dying to begin at last the summer holidays. So, she put quickly her books in the bag and ran out of the class.
    That sunny day was a very special day. Caroline was very excited. She run home so fast she could and thought about her dad who was living in Germany. She spoke with him on the phone a week ago. He returned from Germany to see her, and he brought a special surprise with him!
    Caroline was very happy. She thought about the surprise that her dad could have brought to her.
    “Maybe he brings some skis? That is fun! But it’s not possible because here there is not a ski resort!”
    “Maybe he brings lots of German chocolate? Oh, I could eat chocolate all day!”
    “Or maybe he brings me an Audi? That is not good. Because I don’t have a place in my room for such a car…”
    Caroline finally arrived home. Her mum was there, and her dad was finally there! She was very happy to see him. They hugged and she jumped up and down.
    “Daddy, daddy,” she called, “what special surprise did you bring me from Germany?”
    “Well,” her dad smiled and answered, “I have for you a German shepherd!”

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