“Being a lifelong learning Green Hero”

Who doesn’t like heroes? Yesterday, today and tomorrow!! Heroes are an inspiration for everyone! Heroes are popular among the youngest population, but also among today’s adults who frequently go to the cinema to enjoy a new hero film.
Since an early age, children identify themselves with heroes’ stories that they read in their books or comics or that they watch on TV. A hero or a heroine could be represented by any other child who becomes a supporter to his/her community. Heroes are not always fantastic figures that can fly and make magic tricks. Heroes are also children who walk to school to contribute to save the environment. Heroes are also children who teach their parents and grandparents about sustainability. Heroes contribute to enhance positive values, reflective consciousness and rewarding actions that affect everyone’s daily life.

Green Hero is a u-learning space dealing with sustainability and the environment for school children aged 7-11 (Key Stage 2). It is totally free and it can be accessible in any of the 5 foreign languages participating in the project. There is also a Teacher Support Pack to promote extra activities in the face-to-face classroom. This project has been partially funded by the European LifelongLearning programme.

On Thursday September 11th, the Green Hero Project came to an end with its concluding conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. More information about this proyect can be accessed on the following links. Some photos from the event are also posted here:

Green Hero Project

Green Hero-Final Project Presentation Conference by Rita Callender, Environmental Academy (UK)

Green Hero Conference Presentation: “U-learning to Start Early Green Skills for Future Green Careers” by Soraya Garcia-Sanchez, ULPGC, Spain

GH-ChildrenATSchoolGH-TeacherEXperience GH-Rita CallenderGH-SorayaGarciaSanchez Green hero-AllGH-GonzaloMeneses

Interview (Entrevista) about Green Hero on Radio Canarias (103.0) (17/09/2014: Green Hero. proyecto Medioambiental)

From left, Lucie Millcent (Coordinator at Consulta Europa Projects and Innovation Ltd), Almudena Santana  (Interviewer at Radio Canarias) and Soraya García-Sánchez (Green Hero Conference Guest)

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