Learning and Interactions

Learning is a natural process that implies acquiring knowledge and experience. Learning about anything may happen 24/7, especially today when we can access the internet from any mobile device. Even when sleeping, one might be have some knowledge-experience rest in the brain, so that new associations-understandings may continue on the following day. Learning may be planned and organised (formal) but it is also instant, which implies responding to a specific time, context, need and place. Learning needs individual actions but as human beings we also respond and require communicating and interacting with others. This communication can be online, face-to-face, professional, friendly but anyhow, rewarding and motivating. Motivation is an attitude in life. You can have it and you can keep it up. I wanted to reflect upon being curious and a constant learner today. It’s been a while since I started interacting online with Professor Nicholas B. Burbules, whom I have recently had the opportunity to meet face-to-face (See selfie with Professor Burbules -Gardens at the College of Education). I Nicholas C. Burbules and Soraya García-Sánchezhave been following Burbules’ work on ubiquitous learning (u-learning) and his thoughts with regards to education, ethics, educational psychology and advances in learning. Professor Burbules, from the University of Illinois, is also Gutgsell Endowed Professor, an online teacher, a researcher, an academic, a philosopher and an approachable person interested in conversational learning, in exchanging thoughts and knowledge with students and colleagues around the globe. I wanted to dedicate a few lines to the wonderful, kind and welcoming people I met at the College of Education and at the Faculty of Modern Languages at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis, Rita van Haren). Thank you all for your hospitality, the enjoyable meetings and interesting thoughts.

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