Gr A (IATS): Online discussion 1 (Sept 2015)

Dear all in Group A (IATS),
I’d like you to discuss and interact with other opinions about the following topic. You should write between 60-90 words. Remember to write complete sentences, and to be respectful and polite with everyone’s comments. I hope you enjoy this task. The deadline is Wednesday 23rd September 2015 before midnight.

Families with more than 4 children should be supported by the government.

Do you agree/disagree? Why?

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42 Responses to Gr A (IATS): Online discussion 1 (Sept 2015)

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Hi Soraya, nice to hear from you. I´m completely agree, but What I suggest is that families were supported by the guvernment by considering any number of children and this back up should be directly porportional to that number. In other words, one child, two helps; two children, tree helps; three children, four helps; four children, the world. Cheers. Gonzalo

  2. Little Mermaid says:

    I´m totally disagree with this because I think that there are families that they have a lot of money and can drape their basic needs without the government help. If government approve this law, rich families will take advantage of families who have less money; so there will be an innecesary waste from the state and maybe many families who really needs this help won´t receive it.
    In my opinion, I think that there isn´t an equally and good distribution of money and opportunities.

  3. Flash5 says:

    Good afternoon, I agree with this theme because i think that these families will need more resources than others to survive and to have a satisfying life. Furthermore, the outlay of these families is greater than other, and for parents, all things are more expensive because they need to care for four children and themselves.
    In conclusion, I agree with this theme because I feel that the families with more than four children need support of the government and of all society for to start a new and better life.

  4. Blue says:

    I am in the middle of this opinion, because on the one hand I think that there are families that have four children because they want and they can support them, so the government should not support them. But moreover, there are families that they have had four children for some personal reasons, and actually, in this situation of Spain they can not support their children.
    For this arguments I think that some families need help of government.

  5. April says:

    It’s depends. In my opinion, if the family don’t have economic resources the Government must help them. It’s necessary for the growth of children because they will can have a good alimentation, the material to study or the possibility to do something sport.
    However, when both parents work or one of them and they have a good salaries I think that Government shouldn’t help them economicaly or no too much.
    So, the public money should be first for the families with less resources.

  6. A DREAM says:

    Part of our taxes should be managed for the proctección of families, persons and of the society in general who needs it, not like a help for few economic resources, but like a social and universal right. That would be a fundamental piece for the evolution and development of many societies and countries. this opportunity it necessarily to confront inequality. A greeting

  7. Rain says:

    Good afternoon, I agree with that in part. On the one hand, I think that it is a good idea because there are many families that don’t have economic resources.
    However, it may be said that it’s not right for everyone equally because there are many families that have a lot of money or have enough to live without problems.
    In conclusion, that is not a bad idea but if carried out the proposal, it must be controlled.

  8. Moon says:

    Good afternoon!
    I do not agree with this idea. I think that families with serious financial or personal problems should be helped by the government, and not just those with four or more children. I think the key is to focus on the specific problem of each family and not generalize, to see the shortcomings of each case. A family with four children can be better off than a family one, in my opinion

  9. April says:

    I’m agree that Moon said.
    I hadn’t though about he/she said and I think that he/she has the reason. Sometimes isn’t necessary to have more of four children for to need economic help.

  10. moon says:

    I am agree with that families with more than four children should be supported by government, because these families have more need that a family without children.
    But first It will study the situation each family, because maybe they can bear the costs of their children.
    We should know if wages are low or if anything else is a salary.
    A greeting!

  11. Bird says:

    Good afternoon, this topic seems very interesting.
    I am agree that Rain said. I think that the government should help families with more than 4 children but it should only help families with economic problems. These families need support for their children can have all their basic needs, and they can will have a decent standard of living also, because the current crisis there are many impoverished families.
    Therefore, I agree that the government help this families. Thank you.

  12. Butterfly95 says:

    First, i will say it`s depends on their needs. As someone above mentioned there will be families with four children that they have enough money to meet the needs of these children, and there wil be others not.
    Those families who can´t lack of resources of course i agree in which they are offered such assistance, but it won´t be given to all families whit four children, because surely someone benefit wihtout need.
    And to others families won´t reach them to cover the minimum of dignified life.

  13. Rainbow says:

    Good morning, I am not totally agree with the fact that the government must be support the families with more than four children, because there are families with sufficient economics resource that don’t have any problem to face up to the basic needs. I think the government should be help with different assistances the families that really needs something, not only economics things. No matter how many children they have, because families with one, or more children can have problems too.

  14. Star says:

    I agree that the government should provide aid to these families but do not consider that it should be only for families with four children because there are families with two or fewer children are sometimes going through situations that prevent them get ahead and be able to give children an education and food. The government should study each situation and see who really need it.

  15. purple says:

    First, I want to stand out that I’m agreeing with Butterfly95 theory. In addition, all the family that has more than four children needs an economically special help from the government. However, also the family with three children should have an opportunity to be supported by the government, and more now because we are abiding a period of crisis were the majority of the citizen are having problems with their income. A greeting!

  16. Clouds says:

    Good afternoon! First of all,I´m totally disagree with the topic because in my opinion the government should help people by the same way, no matter If they have two or more than four childrens. Furthermore, there are people who needs to be supported by the government because there are familys with one or two childrens who need that help more than numerous familys and sometimes they are ignored.

  17. beatifulthings says:

    Hello everyone.
    In my opinion it’s very important to help families with more than four children but this should be so if the situation of these families is precarious and they may need some resources to deal with them and the costs of education, health, housing, etc. they may have. But I think it’s necessary to look at the household income and your monthly expenses.

  18. Catlover says:

    Hello everyone!!! I agreee with that idea, families with more than four children shold be supported by the government. But, there are many families with less children that they need help too.
    First of all, I really believe that the government must help all families and people in our society. This help should be according to their needs.
    Secondly, big families usually have more needs than others, because they hace many children with differents needs between them.
    Finally, I agree with the idea that big families be supported by the government, adding this support to all people and all families who need it.

  19. Brave says:

    Good afternoon.
    On the one hand, I agree that the government helps families with four children, but not only these, but all those who do not have the resources or the means to meet their basic needs, but on the other hand, I do not agree that the rich families receive assistance that they do not need, because they do have the means and the money to raise their children. So I think the government should help citizens have a decent life, because it is their obligation,but they have to look good to those who provide them with support for get real equality.

  20. musicislife says:

    Good afternoon! I desagree because i think that the goverment should have the obligation to help the families with economic problems, have four children or none. So i don’t think that the goverment has to help the families by the number of children.
    However, if these parents can’t protect their children, the goverment should offer economic support.
    On the other hand, if it’s true that these families have more expenses that other families, but they have decided to have as many children and there are other families that if need goverment help.

  21. Butterfly77 says:

    Good night!
    In my opinion, the government must protect those families who various reasons can’t survive independently.
    Moreover, I agree with that families with high economics don’t receive government support because they are able to feed themselves.
    In the actuality, there are many families with dependent children have difficulty surviving due economics crisis.
    Therefore, in my opinion, the government must ensure the necessary resources for food, education and health of all people, especially children.

  22. Alice says:

    Hi, I agree because nowadays in many families, parents don´t have a job and it´s difficult for them to pay the childrens expenses.
    For example, in education, I think that the families with more than 4 children can´t afford the school material.For this reason the government should help these families, and I think that the best help is economic.
    Money is important to buy books, wordbooks, pencils,bags and other things. In addition, many families need transport to school because parents have to work and they cant take the kids to school. This is another reason why they need money.

  23. Smile says:

    Good evening, I agree with that the government support these families , because 4 children require much dedication and economic costs. That is why I think the government should help these families with economic aid or other aid for more specific aspects of most concern to families, such as school supplies , transportation, care of young , food , etc.
    These helps serving to the parents, who can live calm. And children that will grow up with all their basic needs covered.

  24. Thepupil says:

    Good afternoon
    Personally, I agree in part with this topic because I think that the government should help these families if the families lack of the resources economics. In other words, do not think that the number of children is relevant to consider if these families should be assisted by the Government or not, if not the fact of need help or not.
    Thank you.

  25. Kiwi says:

    Good night for all of you. I think that the question of discussion is very complicated. First of all I want to say that I think that te goverment must study the situation of the families who has four childrens or more. Because many families can have money to live without problems, but other families haven’t any money. Families with four childrens are “large family special” and they have more education and transport facilities than others families. I agree with the government to help families who do not have sufficient resources to cover the basic needs of his family. Because if they have resources is not just to help people in need there being others that need it most.

  26. Pucca says:

    Good night! I agree with the proposition, but not at all. I think that is correct to give to those families a pension for the economic sacrifice that means to be responsable of 4 sons, but I don’t think that the goverment must pay them all their expenses. The reason is that there are more families of different type of this, that have hards economic situations, and those families have right to be paid for this too..

  27. BlueSky says:

    Good morning evrebody. I am not agree nor disagree I think the government should protect both the families of 4 members and families of fewer members, and that families of fewer members may also have as many problems as they are more numerous. So I think you should find a balance to help as many families as possible, as we all know, is not easy but I think today is our duty not only to be social workers, or belong to the state but that it is our duty as people

  28. Wonderland says:

    Hello everyone!
    I agree that the government should help families who have more than 4 children because they need this aid, but we should think what economic resources have in each family, because nowadays there are so many families where number of children is less than four but they didn’t have the sufficient financial resources and the should be helped by the government too.

  29. Pinkcat says:

    Good afternoon every one.
    I don’t agree with the topic, first because not all the families with more than four children have economic problems, so they don t need any help from government. In my opinion there are a lot of people who really need help, with just one or two children.
    I think that the government must be sure this families really need help to use well the economic means.

  30. Amy25 says:

    On my point of view I think that Governmentsnmust help this families because this families spend more. Even if parents work they need more help. Por example this children, will spend in the School with books, pencils, uniforms and at home with clothes, food…
    I think That them it is necessary to help because the children are the future. This government helps to these families with discounts: transport, health, scholarships…
    On the other hand goverment can’t help all families because need have more money.
    In conclusion they need helps.

  31. Storm says:

    Hi Soraya, i’m totally agree with this topic for several reason, but the principal is the low birth rate in this country, being that Spain is a placed very aged and it’s important subsidize the families with many children. In addition, actually the life is very expensive, and these big families have too much problems with in the school, health or the food.
    Finally, I think that is responsibility of the government to protect and to care this families.

  32. daysi says:

    Hello Soray and Students.
    I agree with classmates some, because I think not all families equal. There are many families who have money to keep 4 children but there are also families who can not maintain or two . The government should help all families who need it regardless of the number of children. If They look at income the Families with more than 4 children, some families would not Receive aid .

  33. October says:

    It is depends. In my opinion, the goverment should bring support those families with a normal economy or they are no work as many people in Spain so they can maintain their children and not to those families that parents have a job and do not need government support to feed them to their children.
    The conclusion, the goverment you must make a good distribution of money for to help the most needy families.

  34. Potatoe says:

    I agree and disagree with the statement because there are families that have enough resources to raise 4 child, but it is true that there are a lot of families who can not.
    In conclusion, I think that the government should control it taking in account the income of each family.

  35. CANDACE says:

    Hello classmates! I agree with that idea because those families have a lot of economics things to supply. Maybe, parents don’t have enough money to feed six persons or family maintain don’t have a job, so they need eat, they need to buy clothes, children must go to school, and not all families can give this to their familiars. Definitely, if the governments offer those families this kinds of helps, these families will live in better conditions of life.

  36. Rainbow says:

    I agree with this topic because families with more than four children are going to need more help because these kids expenses generated, and in these times of crisis in Spain, is more than necessary. However, many families are not numerous family are in more precarious situations many large families, so it is necessary to put a rigorous system for analyzing the economic situation of each family and take into account not only that are large families, there are also to take into account the economic situation of ordinary families.

  37. Dealer says:

    Hi everyone!
    Nowadays it’s very difficult can raise a family due to the economic situation of the country, however I agree with the sentence, the government should help these families, this initiative would promote the birth rate and would increase policies for the youth. So it could invest in the future of the country, our young people, formal education would improve and many students could study whatever they want.

  38. Peach says:

    Hi, good afternoon!! I’m agree of this opinion, because it is true that the families large needs for help expenses, but they have to have awareness your condition. The government should study each situation.

    In my opinion this families can be beneficial for children expenses, I think the government should be help, although not only things economics , and see who really need it.

    In conclusion, I think that families receiving assistance could have better life.

  39. Chowder 😋 says:

    This topic is complicated but, in my opinion, all depends on the type of family. There are families with more than four children who don’t have economic problems, so, these families don’t need supported by the goverment. However, there are families with serious economic problems, including some families don’t have money to eat. The goverment must help this families because it’s his obligation. In Spain there are many families, more than four children, seriously affected by economic crisis and the goverment say that they can’t supported.

  40. Invictus says:

    I think that the government should help any family in difficulties. There are large family with economic possibilities and other little family not, so the number of children shouldn´t be a condition for to receive help. The government must attention the economic possibilities of family unit and them they should act accordingly. It´s true that more children more expense and attention, but for the government the economic possibilities are always an important factor, so as the case may be they should act.

  41. Pekio says:

    Hello!! This is a great topic to speak about. In my opinion, the goverment have to request the family in question to present certain requirements to aim for the aid that the Goverment offers without excluding families have fewer children. Some of the requirements the Goverment must request will be if they work, the salary, its propeties, etc. This kind of aid for many families is the only means of subsistence, the education and the diet of many children depends on this aid.
    To sum up, this aid represent hope for many families who have problems to confront the needs and expenses of avery days, for that the Goverment has the duty to help them.

  42. sky says:

    Hi Soraya! Sorry for my delay, but I would like to take in this discussion.
    I´m agree with the topic because families with more than four children are going to need more help because these kids expenses generated. The goverment don´t aware of difficulties for families this topic. Many families with four children the are unemployed and the haven´t money for finish the month. The goverment it should open the new posibilities for this families and think all are humans, and what all to live in good condition.

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