Gr B (IATS): Online discussion 2 (Sept 2015)

Dear all in Gr B,
I’d like you to discuss and interact with other opinions about the following topic. You should write between 60-90 words. Remember to be respectful and polite with everyone’s comments. I hope you enjoy this task. The deadline is Wednesday 23rd September 2015 before midnight.

 If you want to work, you can work. There is no need to be unemployed.

Do you agree/disagree?

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44 Responses to Gr B (IATS): Online discussion 2 (Sept 2015)

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Going by experts, qualifications, social contacts and experience are the key factors to success at finding a job and hence achiving this aim must depend on you, but we shouldn´t forget that luck is other key variable. On this basis, it might be recommended that people study hard, make good friends and volunteer at least from the scratch, moreover cross your fingers to be lucky as well. Cheers.

  2. Northern Lights says:

    I do not agree whit this statement, because there are many people who want work and are prepared fot them, but the current situation and the work environment does not allow.

  3. honey says:

    Nowadays it’s very difficult to get a job, so many students have to leave home and going to another country to find any work. I disagree with this topic. I consider that everybody have the rigth to work, but unfortunately it’s so difficult to get one, because of de workers must to have degrees, so everyone must to study as much as possible for getting more possibilities. I advice that everybody who wants get a job should to study hard.

  4. hope22 says:

    On the one hand,parly I think that this affirmation is true, because many people haven´t got a job because they don´t look for it and so, they can´t work.
    On the other hand, I don´t agree with this statement because many people want to work, but they don´t get a job because there are areas like educacion, health, very difficult to find a job, so people are forced to look for a job out their area

  5. Greensoul says:

    I’m disagree with this affirmation because there are more conditions than the desire to work. First, I can start talking about the crisis that is happening in Spain because is a fact that affect many people and their laboral life and sometimes this cause that many people decide to go outside Spain. Moreover, we can mention the loss of worker’s rights and the possibility of finding a job. Besides, in this globalized world you have to compete more with people from differents countries to get a job and this means that you have to study and work very hard.

  6. Rainbow says:

    I do not agree with this, because nowadays due to the economic crisis in our country is very difficult to find a job. Therefore, many young people with university degrees must travel to other countries in search of work.
    From my point of view, having a college degree does not guarantee that they will have a job, although there are more possibilities of finding it.
    Moreover, for people who have no academic training it is much harder to find a job.

  7. LeoHamato says:

    i do not agree with this statement, because there are a lot people who are prepared to work and they do not work yet. Nowadays people are here , they want to work but the opportunity to work there is not exist or they are limited. It is true that there are a lot examples like people who have got a career- physic,fine arts,lawyer-, experiences working -being waitress,driving buses-.

    To conclude i have to say that the opportunities are there but the number of available places for working are limited

  8. Richard says:

    I totally agree with this statement. Some people are confortable with being unemployed and don’t feel the need to find a job. If someone truly needs a job, he/she will do everything to find it, no matter how long it’ll take him/her. Having a job is not only a responsibility, but a way to feel complete and useful. Money doesn’t grow on trees and sooner or later, if you are unemployed, you will have to make the effort and look for a job.

  9. Northern Lights says:

    Good evening everyone, I would disagree whit fellow Richard because, I do not think people have this very comfortable being unemployed, and if it has dependents their situation is very delicate, unfortunately the money is what moves the world and someone who does not have some money can not live whit dignity and in good conditions.
    Fortunately there are professions like that will exercise in the future, whit people involved in the social as we are we can empower people to not be dependent on the system.

  10. Key says:

    First of all, I agree with this opinion because I think that if you really want to get a job you can do many things to get it.
    You only need to want and look for different options and be ready to accept any offer.
    However we also have to think about the current situation and the crisis because it is more than an important factor in this topic.
    So I think now a days it is difficult to get a job but it is not impossible.

  11. flower says:

    I agree because if you dont have a job, you can do other things to get money. Nowadays, we have to be imaginative for create autonomous works.
    For exemple, you can do craftwork and then buy them in a market, or create your own bussiness.
    Furthermore, there are a lot of people who need your help, so you can go to ONG and be volunteer.
    If you want, you can work.

  12. Cloud says:

    I agree with this opinion because a lot of people find jobs without been registered in the Canary Employment Office. But I think that if a person is registered in the Canary Employement Office will have more possibilities of finding, because this situacion has made it difficult for the citizens to have a stable job. Moreover, with the professional services of this office finding a job is easier.
    On the other hand, sometimes a person doesn’t have the necessary professional requeriments, making the job hunt more difficult.
    Finally, I don’t fully agree with Richard because we cannot forget about the dignity when taking a job. Most work opportunities nowadays are completely undignifying an this doesn`t help at all to feel comfortable an complete. I would dare to say that’s utterly the contrary, it decreases people`s self esteem.

  13. Little Dreamer says:

    First, there are many jobs that aren’t well paid in Spain. For this reason, many families have serious economics problems. The point is that there are precarious and, moreover, exists a high unemployment.
    Second, people don’t work because they want to. There are people who can’t find work related to their studies, because they have more than 45 years or just they are waiting to find a work.
    In conclusion, I’m disagree because I think that millions of people want to find a good job for a better future.

  14. Northern Lights says:

    I do not think that this solution simplemete be registered as unemployed , I think the situation is more complex since it is no guarantee of finding work being in the SCE . From my point of view the state should encourage hiring and lower the heavy taxes levied on employers, because to create jobs and grow the wheel consumption start shooting . Which favor the creation of resources to the problem of unemployment such as continuing education , improved health, education ultimately reset the system of social protection. As for what to love and what to work I think they are not concepts that go together because in this case is not wanting power.

  15. Kitty says:

    i’m not agree with this topic, because, i think that the current economic situation is a limitation for search work.
    in addition, there are limitations for people who want to start a business, because this people have to pay many taxes compared to other countries.
    Other hand, no good measures against the economic situation, because the politician’s doesn’t encourage consumption in society.
    It has happened the opposite effect, because if there is no money, it is not consumed, and if it is not consumed, no work.
    Therefore, i’m not agree with this topic because,not only it depends on the person, for find a job in luck or circumstances.

  16. Greenworld says:

    I am disagree. because there are a lot of people with university degree and masters and they can not find jobs. For that reason, many people must go to another country if they want to work in a stable and well paid job. But, on the another hand, if yo need money urgently, in the fields are always jobs available.

  17. Bruce Wayne says:

    It my opinion the people doesn’t want to be employed because they aren’t ready to be employed for which they haven’t studied and because in addition it is necessary to emphasize that the salary that is paid in these Jobs don’t correspond with the hours that one works. Because of it many Spanish students decide to emigrate to Europe in search of good working places.

  18. Strawberry says:

    I’m disagree, because whit the current crisis in Spain, most people don’t have a good job or they even don’t have a work. In the current economy, how is one supposed to work if there no jobs to be had.
    Unfortunately if we are out of school we don’t have many offer or benefits from companies and they should be made more jobs for all unemployed people. I think that the government should look forward to create more job opportunities for future generations of university graduates and for those who have been unemployed for more than 1 year.
    I think that those who are unemployed should be required to look fot a work, but they shouldn’t be required to accept job’s in which they cannot make enough money to pay their bills.

  19. butterfly says:

    I do not agree with this statement because we are in a difficult situation due to the economic crisis in which we live for years. Also, I think a lot of unemployed people live in poverty because they have no money to support their children , to eat , etc. On the other hand , many students have to go to find work in other countries to secure their future and do what they like. Finally, I think that the work get very unjust conditions such as working a lot and little charge, so you have to be studies to have better job opportunities .

  20. Nevermind says:

    Good night, I am desagree with this topic because there are so many people that they want to get a job and they can’t cause of their age and this persons have responsabilitys like child who feed and educate or morgage. Moreover, there are a lot of students that they want to work and they can’t because they haven’t experience.

  21. freedom says:

    In the answer to this sentence we see the two sides of the coin. First of all, we must remember that the main factor that there is so much unemployment it is for the crisis that is happening in Spain.
    In the line of my colleagues, we must remember the many young people who had to emigrate for example to Germany, because in Spain they not found employment. In my In In my opinion, there are jobs, but the most of those jobs are precarious, with low pay and lots of hours at work. The reality is that these jobs don’t respond to the qualification that has many people. However, on the other hand we can see an hear how many people take the typical phrase “is that as there aren’t jobs I can’t do nothing “.That sentence makes that the people don’t feel involved in the job search and her object is to adapt the State assistance.
    To conclude, my position is between the agreement and disagreement.

  22. Never give up says:

    Hello everyone, I think that even if a person want to work, the economic situation we are going through makes it harder to find a stable job with good conditions. But I think you can also work on other things, without labor contract, for example such as voluntary. Today there are many people that although unemployed do not want to waste time and get to learn new things and take on new projects. Therefore I neither agree nor disagree, it depends on what each person feels.

  23. Canary Island says:

    Good Morning, today and in this country, the people don’t have any posibility to find work. Actually, in spain it is requed a qualified peoples but it not help the studients because there are many “cuts” in education and unfortunately, I think that studying is for the rich, for many people a matter of money can’t study what he likes them. This is all a contradiction because if you don’t have a money, you can’t study and if you can’t study, you don’t have work or money.
    All this is reflected in the significant diferencies that the country, as there are many people going through especially difficult situations. There are many person who do not have to eat, then less will have for study.
    I think that this topic is completely wrong.

  24. Nora says:

    I’m not totally agree, because so many unemployed people without job just because they really dont want get job? I am not think that. In another hand you can find people who tell you: ” if you would find work ,you are working right now” Really? Right now is a ill situation because we have a several crisis economics, ”beautiful” politics in institutions where you could find jobs and who is the boss. Tree factors what decide your laboral life.

    Good weekend.

  25. Peace&Love says:

    Good afternoon,

    In my case I’m absolutely agree with this statement. There´s always some work, and although it´s very hard, if you have truly need to work, all jobs will be valid.

    Many people are accommodated or just want to work in the profession they like or in the thing they have studied, but as the phrase to comment, if you want to work, you can work, the hard part comes when you try to find that job, as the current situation is not easy to do.

    All you need to do it, is make it with enthusiasm.

  26. Harley Quinn says:

    I completely disagree with this affirmation. There are a lot of people who want to get a job but they can’t for the present situation of the country. No matter if you have studies or experience to work on something, actually, in Spain it is very difficult to find a job. We should know that the government and people spend a lot of money to qualify the new generations and this greats students have to go to another country to work. Finally, in my opinion I must say that this is so sad.

  27. Poppy says:

    Good afternoon.
    I’m not totally agree with this statement. I do not think you always have to accept every job as there are many people who abuse. In many works they take advantage of the need of people and now with this crisis we are experiencing has increased. It is therefore not always have to take any job, are people and we should treat it as such.

  28. Yes says:

    This question suggests to me two different answers:
    If we speak only of work, without insurance, yes. I think that if you want to work can do.

    But if we speak of insured work, I disagree, because there are many people who want to work, and is prepared to do, but most job seekers do not find it.
    It is my opinion.

  29. Frida Kahlo says:

    I disagree. My opinion is that people are not unemployed because they wants…to but because the government , social policies , institutions and the crisis,in general, have marked a blow to our country.

    Many people are at risk of social exclusion and poverty not because they want to but because despite looking for work don’t. Today is looking for young people who exploit and pay meager wages. Not care that people should be prepared occupationally also the age of the people is something that is now considering. They don’t want to “older” people even if they have much experience.

    Moreover, in the event that you managed to work would give you a time of three months ( and hopefully more ), in which many jobs are neither insured , they are poorly paid and work more than eight hours.

    This is my opinion, see you soon friends!

  30. Petri says:

    In my opinión, this statement is completely false because the enterprises usually look for people with experience and preferably young. This is a big problem because young people generally haven’t got experience and nobody gives them an oportunity to learn.

    Nowadays, contracts are temporary and this is a good option for students, but people who must support their families need to have a stable job.

  31. The chord says:

    I agrede in that if you want to work, you should to exit and to search something form to make it, and don’t serte with a financial benefit, that makes your life easier today, but tomorrow it will end, and you will return to have the same situation. Nevertheless, it is true that as is country in this moments, to find a job, is very difficult, is necessary of much experience that they accept you, or which you know at someone that help you at to find a employ.
    Finally, is very important to mention that to find a job actually don’t depending of you 100 percent, it is more as a 50 percent of you and 50 percent of the situation.

  32. Edna says:

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I desagree. Nowadays there is a recession which is harmful to unemployed people. Actually it affects the Welfare which we fought to.

    In relation to get a job, most of people go abroad, they must accept low salaries because they haven´t enough money and don´t pay contributions to Social Security, their houses are confiscated, people who become roofless, etc.

    To sump up, in despite of that, I think there are people who don´t get a job because they don´t want to get one. They are called ‘ninis’.

  33. Streep says:

    Many people want to work but they have many difficulties. In my opinion, it is very difficult to find work for people who have more than 35 years. those who can only find work are the young Companies look to young people for low-paid jobs but these companies are always looking for young people with work experience and most of these don’t have that experience. These Young never get work experience if not given a chance.

  34. litlle girl says:

    i disagree about these sentence because many people do not have job, in consequence of bad situation of the country in these moment.
    in addition, the persons want to work but the situation of employed in the diferents jobs they are precarius; for instance: more than nine hours of jobs, there are lower salary.
    finally, i think these statement is incorrect for the reasons to explained above.

  35. sunshine says:

    The person seeking a job has to do with effort and dedication. So, how much better educational background have an easier person is supposed to be for that person to find a job. However, this does not always happen. Sometimes it not only with the desire for a person has to find work and effort that put a person. An example of this can be clearly seen in the number of young people with academic training,that they have to go to other countries to work.

  36. browneyegirl says:

    I’m totally disagree about this topic. Find a job at this time is very dificult because the economic situation has been worsened in recent years. Another problem about find work is the experience, the companies search people with a high level of experience and the young people don’t have. For this reason young people have to find a job in other country which provide opportunities for younger and leave their families.

  37. Akela says:

    I can´t be agree with it, because there is a 22,7% of people who is unemployed in Spain and a 30,3% in Canary Islands. The jobs are being more uncertain every day, only offering temporaly jobs without reaching the minimum wage. There are some difficulties to work seeing as how there were 4 jobs, now there is just one.
    For that reason, now there are more people interested in studing High-Level Technical Degree to raise up the country.

  38. Walter White says:

    I don´t agree with this sentence because I think that is a unreal sentence due to the economic crisis .This crisis has done that many people miss work and they don´t get find a job because of the most companies have laid an important number of workers so there´s not much work .In conclusion ,in these times find to work is not a matter of desire if no luck and much sacrifice. Despite this the hope can not miss because it is the only thing that in bad times keeps you alive so
    although you don´t find work you don´t stop to look it.
    P.S: I am not the real Walter White. Have a nice day to everyone !!

  39. Audrey says:

    I´m disagree with this statement. In my opinion the current situation we are living isn’t easy to obtain a job. The crisis has resulted in high unemployment and increased inequality among working population. Not even the people who have been studying all their lives and are qualified to work have had facilities for find a decent job and many of them leave the country to search other opportunities.

  40. Petra says:

    I totally agree with that if you want to work you can find something.This does not eliminate the possibility that it is difficult or almost impossible, but with perseverance and constancy something will emerge.But we not easily find a perfect job because we all want the situation in Spain is not the best , so you should not inlfuir if needed really.

  41. Mickey Mouse says:

    I´m disagree with this sentence. Today there are many people without job because of the economic crisis. This has generated discomfort since it´s important to have a work to be able to have resources and cover the basics needs. Also, is difficult find any work because there are few labor contracts and usually they are to part-time with low salaries. Besides the young people think that they are not going to find work and they are going to have to depend on his families to live. In mi opinión, this situation must change because we have right to have a decent work to grow as persons.

  42. Doutzen says:

    I disagree because in Spain unemployment rate is very high as the probeza. So the people aren’t poor for not wanting to work. Many Spanish students go to another country to find work out of necessity. In my opinion any middle class person isn’t unemployed because they want because our country is in a serious crisis and it is difficult to obtain basic needs

  43. Lunatic says:

    In the capitalism sistem people dont have a really choice about how could be their work , as Marx said ¨capitalism need a lot of unemployed people to make people work into works they dont really like¨ so never in this sistem will be a place for all of us .
    I disagree with the topic , but it its also important the attitude when people want to find a job they can also create their own place in the world.

  44. angel says:

    I do disagree with this statement to look for a job is a real job. To look for a job is a real job.
    On the one hand, there are people, who are highly qualified and unfortunately.They are working in a position much more inferior than the are they should be. However, as they need money the just accept. That´s sad!
    On the other hand, other people who have no studies or are just qualified, live in a desperate situation.They do not know what to do find a job due to the awful situation, we have been living so far.
    Furthermore, if they are able to find something, it can be possible that they might work in bad conditions. Should we accept to be employed at any price?

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