Living on Mars (IIT-2)

Dear all in IIT,

The BBC has recently published some news about the NASA plan of living in Space (October, 2015). According to the BBC, “By 2030 Nasa are hoping they will be able to send people to the edges and surface of Mars, not just to visit, but also to live there for a long period of time”.

What are your views about this topic? Is it a good idea to send people to Mars in order to live there? Why Mars and not the green conditions we could have on Earth? How many inhabitants are there in the world? Are we overcrowded so that Mars is another option? Would this option be available to everyone? What type of technology and communication habits would be necessary to live on Mars? What would this future be like?

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Mercury_Venus_Earth_Mars (Photo by Kabsik Park)


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10 Responses to Living on Mars (IIT-2)

  1. ola says:

    Currently if people are sent to Mars, there is no technical possibility to bring them back. Thus the only way to send humans to Mars is to make them live there. Participants of this mission have to be chosen carefully after a detailed process of selection because of the big responsibility lying on them. We have to think about spreading our species to other planets in case something goes wrong with Earth. The life of first inhabitants of Mars would be really hard because they will not only be lonely, but will have a big amount of work and research to do. And then comes the adaptation to different conditions – atmosphere, gravitation… Finally the distance between Earth and Mars varies between 55,000,000 kms and 400,000,000 kms, so for the message it takes from 3 minutes up to 22 minutes to go one way which makes the communication not that easy.

  2. Fried Chicken says:

    Travelling to Mars is one of the great challenges of space exploration, there is no doubt. It’s so good that Science expands its frontiers but, in my view, it should be approached from another angle… For example, why must we create the need to leave a planet like ours and with all things it offers for populating other that, by definition, cannot satisfy us? According to what I read, the Martian atmosphere let infrared rays scape, producing continuous cooling of the Martian surface and an average temperature of 0 ºC, atmospheric pressure is equivalent to a 1% of the Earth pressure, and solar radiation is only a 40% of the received by our planet… Just now, a company called ‘Mars One’ is recruiting people to send settlers to Mars on an outward journey, for the year 2023. The requirements for the candidates are to be between 18-40 and be prepared to not return… I cannot help wondering, what could be more fundamental than living your life and no other, here with your dear ones? What have you lost there, in this dark and cold place? Really, who can be so alone in this world to take this terrible decision?

  3. Green says:

    In my opinion, our planet’s problem is not the overcrowding but the pollution which we generate every day and I strongly believe that NASA’s initiative sending people to the Red Planet has to do with the survival of the human beings when our planet “die”, more than anything else.
    Probably, those people who travel to Mars will survive with Earth supplies, such oxygen, water and food originated in our planet and, if at any given time, people who live on Earth can’t send those goods, they could die out there.
    Moreover, there is also the issue of the “one way ticket” that implies that people who travel to Mars can’t come back to the Earth. At the beginning I thought that it was conceived for lonely people, but then I realise that it was quite the opposite: It is an experience designed for people who want to leave everything and everybody for going to a strange planet to live together with strange people.
    To summarise, I think that we should invest our time and resources thinking how we could save our planet instead of sending people to another planet in which they will have to survive in extreme conditions.

  4. Spartacus says:

    In my opinion, sending people to Mars surface is a way of training and discovering what are the needs of humans to live beyond Earth. It has been chosen Mars because it is the nearest planet to Earth and it is a rocky planet. There are others which are gaseous and life there is impossible. Another important factor is the size of Mars. If the size of a planet was much bigger than the Earth, the gravity would be much bigger too and life for humans would be extremely difficult there.
    The main reason of sending people Mars is to prove if we are able to adapt us to other planets. Living conditions and resources on Earth are pretty good for now. However, there might be a day when all this is over. By then, we should be prepared.
    To be an available option to everyone to live in other planet, there should be a minimum of knowledge about technology because without it, there is not possibility of surviving. Technology is the most important factor, not only to get there, but also to live. It is well known that we could not live without the properly atmosphere, so one of the objectives to be achieved with technology is to create that atmosphere in order to breathe and let life arises.
    In terms of communication habits on Mars, it would be the same as on Earth because conditions will not be extremely different. Therefore, both wireless and wired communications are possible. However, communications between Earth and Mars would be complicated because of the distance. It takes about 9 minutes to perform a transmission between Mars and Earth. Three minutes to send the message, and three for the answer.
    Our solar system will not last forever. Sooner or later, humans will be able to live beyond Earth, somewhere in the vast space. To do this, the next step is to try to live on Mars.

  5. a Martian says:

    According to history and even science, expanding the boundaries is the next logical step for an organism or a civilization that has reached certain knowledge about its surroundings. To be honest, I must admit the idea of travelling to another planet is very exciting to me, and I would be delighted to listen to all kind of experiences from people living there, like the technical problems they have had and how they have been solved or the everyday situations they live. However, it is well known that projects like these require large amounts of money and effort, not only for all the resources and the remarkable engineering development needed for the trip, but also for creating some minimum suitable conditions to allow human beings to be able to live on such a hostile environment. For that reason, I would really prefer to use that money and intelligence in pursuit of building a better world here, trying to create new technologies that improve the living conditions of all human beings without damaging out planet Earth. After getting this, I would completely support any project in these areas.

  6. Anti-selfies says:

    In my point of view, travelling to Mars could mean a great opportunity for humanity. A challenge like this, implies major investments in investigation and development, and indirectly it may have some impact on The Earth life. Until now, most of advances in technology have been produced due to wars, and now these enhancements are daily used by most people. One example of the opportunity which this adventure in my opinion represents is the next: one of the main problems on The Earth is pollution and it is clear that developing new energy sources is essential. Travelling to Mars implies gathering huge amounts of energy, owing to the distance and the special conditions in space. Consequently, new investigations on this matter would be performed, like how using solar radiation in a more efficient way to obtain energy. If these investigations have successful results it will affect to life on The Earth, improving life conditions in our planet and solving pollution problems. Therefore, that idea of travelling to another planet is perfect in order to develop new technologies, in many different fields, without military purposes and making The Earth a better place to live.

  7. Nigga says:

    For me, it is clear that the attempt to live on Mars is the new space race and as happen with the previous ones, the aim of sending life to Mars will be achieved without a doubt. There are many companies in a field or another that are investing heavily in the development of technology to achieve this goal. Since the creation of passenger ships to reach Mars to research systems able to generate the necessary living conditions for humans in a planet hostile as Mars with an atmosphere that does not protect against radiation with an average temperature of -63ºC.

    However, this space race is causing people forget something more than obvious: we live on Earth! We should be worried about much more important issues on the planet where we were born as species and welcomed us since then despite the atrocities of humanity. We should solve the problems of pollution and shortage of resources before raising spacewalks to rich people or colonization of uninhabitable planets.

    In conclusion, as always money wins to reason and as pollution problems are increasing limits harmful to humans worldwide and fossil fuels are depleted without a clear commitment to renewable energy, humanity is absorbed with its looking to the infinite space.

  8. wakaso says:

    From my point of view, the human occupation of Mars will be one of the best milestones such as the discovery of America or the arrival of man on the Moon. However, I think the earliest human would be used as slaves because they must to work hardly building infrastructures there and live under inhumane conditions to generate a civilization not for us but to the future visitors.

    I don’t think the reason for travelling to Mars is that Earth is overcrowded, that’s probably due to economic benefits of world powers and space races as was the case with the arrival of the conquest of the first landing on the moon between the United States and Russia.

    Finally, I believe this option only is available for rich people and talented researchers in the future and the territories of Mars will be possessions of world powers, as usual.

  9. the_marSian says:

    The travel of mankind to Mars and other distant planets is a dream most engineers (myself included) and people related to the engineering field share and are very enthusiastic about. However, in my personal opinion, this dream is still far away. Space travel is still very complex and expensive, and long-distance space travels and expeditions require the expense of vast amounts of money and resources.

    Another setback for life on Mars (and other similar planets) is that the life conditions there would be extremely hard since no vegetation can grow in its soil, the atmosphere is very thin and it doesn’t protect from solar radiation and the weather is very harsh (sandstorms there are constant and can last for days!). One option is to terraform the planet, a process that consists on altering the whole planet in a way that the atmosphere is different, the soil becomes fertile, etcétera). However, this process is very long and it can take even centuries, so this is not a viable option at the moment.

    Despite the question of wether it is possible or not to live in another planet, I think that the best option right now would be to try and save our own planet from the greenhouse effect, stop wars, poverty, world hunger and other evils that ail us and keep on improving and upgrading our technology so that we can keep this beautiful planet that we have and, further in the future, explore the stars and find new planets.

  10. Father Baez says:

    From my point of view, living conditions on Mars will never be better than conditions on The Earth although there are serious problems such as global warming or the reduction of ozone layer in our planet. I think nowadays it is more important to solve these problems and apply the emission reduction plans correctly.

    However, it is neccesary the reasearching in this topic in order to have the possibility to live on Mars and maybe in a far future it could be reasonable sending people to other planets such as Mars but, the current priority should be to invest in improving the living conditions of our planet.

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