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1. Innovación en el aula de LE

¿Estás de acuerdo con la siguiente afirmación? ¿Por qué (no)? “El éxito en el aprendizaje de LE tiene que ver con una combinación adecuada de recursos digitales en el aula que faciliten la realización de tareas y el correcto desarrollo … Continue reading

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3. Your Fictional Anecdotes

Dear all, It’s time for a bit of creation. I invite you all to make up a fictional anecdote. I would suggest writing between 6-10 simple sentences with a subject, a verb and complements. They should be written in past … Continue reading

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Discussion 2. Protecting children & helping the elderly as a social worker

Dear all, Being part of a society implies that we live in a community. Children and elderly people represent the two extreme sides of a society. The former is starting to learn new words and experiences while the latter is … Continue reading

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Discussion 1: The story of communication: Basic values vs. High-tech values

Dear all, We live in a world of constant change and advances. Modern societies seem to be quite dependent on high-tech. Do you think that today’s technological devices support human communication? Could you mention some examples of good values some … Continue reading

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Ambiente de docencia-aprendizaje: EFL

En el enlace, Ambiente de aprendizaje en ULPGC, pueden ver el ambiente de aprendizaje creado para una comunidad universitaria de EFL. Enjoy your day!!

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Sixth International Conference on Ubiquitous Learning Don’t miss The Sixth International Conference on Ubiquitous Learning, Madrid, November 2013.

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