Climate change and technologies (ITT1)

New data from the NASA has registered last August 2016 as the warmest August in more than 100 countries all over the world (

Nowadays, most countries care about global climate change all over the world, proposing several ways to try to reduce the devastating changes of our land (food, animals, trees, citizens, etc). How do you think emerging countries should deal with these changes? How can technology improve or reduce the negative effects of climate change? Are global citizens aware of the world we are about to lose? Is it reality or fiction?

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8 Responses to Climate change and technologies (ITT1)

  1. Nicholas Santana says:

    I think that technological advances can make our world better, even though they are not currently being made the correct way. Nowadays, everything in the technological world is controlled by huge and powerful corporations whose only goal is to get economical profit out of the products they release, and they don’t care about the environmental impact they cause with their selling policies (hence the need for international regulations such as WEEE to control the impact these corporations are making on the environment). While Universities and small startups all over the world are trying to develop new and innovative ideas that can help the world become a greener place (e.g. underwater turbines that can generate power out of underwater currents); the big corporations are not making a good enough effort in this subject.

  2. I_am_your_father says:

    In my opinion, countries are not doing enough to stop the climate change. Most of them are focused in their economies and they are not care about nature. For example, USA or UAE support oil companies because oil is one of the most important source of income for this nations. However, nowadays, exits a lot of technological techniques to care the environment, such as electrical cars but I think that de government is controlled by big enterprises when it should be reversed. On the other hand, citizens are not aware of the negative effects of change climate. People don`t use the public transport, they prefer move by car, so we are not contributing to reduce the pollution in our world. The humanity has never been environmentally friendly.

  3. KurtVonnegut says:

    Nowadays, human being believe that technology could help our specie to find a new planet where we will be able to start again and leave this planet which we have destroyed. I think that we don’t deserve this new beginning, so we must seek a way to fix the Earth planet before it was later. Our technologies can help us to find this solution and brake the effects of climate change (increase of level sea, extreme drought…), but I think that is most important that we adopt respectful habits with our planet. I have to confess that in many cases this is a political problem, and we can fight it by means of our vote, but sometimes we are not aware of these consequences.

  4. Flux_Capacitor says:

    In my opinion, emerging countries grouped in the category of newly industrialized countries (such as Brazil, South Africa, India, China, Mexico and South Korea) are those who have to acquire, together with developed countries, a greater commitment to the fight against climate change. All of them have expressed their intention to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere (especially China, which is currently the most polluting country). However, they state that to meet deadlines proposed, need technology transfer (particularly renewable energy) from developed countries, something they are reluctant. Personally, I think such a serious problem like this, which affects the survival of human beings and many other species, must be addressed as a global problem. All countries must collaborate to solve since their chances, without thinking of national, strategic or economic interests.

  5. xD says:

    I believe that globlal climate change all over the world but it is a long process so it started before and we do not wait to repair rapidly. Some people said that human is the worst predator of the world but we should try to change it.
    Nowadays, many countries has knowlegde of what happens in our earth. Many kind of programs are developed for create new ideas and financial by goverment or green association who helps our earth. On the other hand, It does not matter for some people because they live in their bubbles lifes.
    About the technology, measure equipment are developed with more accuracy for measure parameters like as solar irradiance intensity, gases in the atmosphere, and others. Also, the green energy are discovered from different ways for some machine.
    I think some citizens do not have real knowledge of our world damage although we are interconnect by internet. It’s important to know and think of other ways how we can help.

  6. binter+ says:

    Actually, I really don’t know how emerging countries in particular should cope with climate changes, however, I agree with Flux Capacitor. They must join forces with the developed countries in order to diminish the effects of global warming.
    From my point of view, technology plays a really important role in this scenario.It can enable efficient environmental monitoring and can help to develop less polluting devices. Nevertheless, this can be worthless if important companies and governments don’t back eco-friendly technology up, as Nicholas Santana says.
    Not many people are really aware of the impact our lifestyles have on our planet. I reckon they know it, still they don’t it seriously enough. But it’s a reality and we all have to contribute to make the world a better place.

  7. Mr. Robot says:

    I agree with previous comments, while the big companies are not aware of the problems that they generate in the planet, the climate change will continue its pace. For this to change, politicians should be more strict and they should force the companies to find new alternatives. Nowadays, there are a lot of ideas to generate power so that we do not damage the planet. But also we must change our mindset and not use durable containers for short-lived products, such as drinks, chips…
    One thing is very clear, technology has to help and will help to change.

    Recently, I read an article about who might be the responsible of climate change. This article was very interesting because they explain it by means of GIFs, and they sought the responsible in nature and humans. They found the culprit in … I think that is better for you to see it:

  8. The White Walker says:

    As Flux_Capacitor says, emerging countries, best known as BRICS (Russia, India, China among others), must have more engage in reducing the contamination in the world. However, it´s not simple because normally the governments and the principal multinational companies don´t want to have obligations to reduce CO2 gases, for instance. Nonetheless, I believe that the Paris Agreement, which 195 countries signed in 2015, is a great opportunity to reduce the emissions of the polluting gases and, consequently, to combat climate change.
    I hope that technological advances can help stop the climate change. I agree with Nicholas Santana when he mentions that many small companies and some Universities have products and investigation lines about this. But, like KurtVonnegut says, if people don´t require these new ecological products, the companies and governments will not do anything.

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